Thursday, December 24, 2009



Yesterday got up walk and routine things done , we went to Pet Supply Plus to get Maggie's
3 month supply of food and chew stix, ready for our trip. Thought we would do a few caches while we were down in that area. We have found the few we have around home. So went looking at an Eat & Park that we haven't found after 3 tries and bunches of mugglers.
This time we found it, no mugglers I think everyone was last min. shopping and not eating! Went on down the street to second one DNF I think it was buried under snow pile. Next was at the place of the GTG we went to on Sun. found that one , next was in a small park not far away found that one. Next was across from hospital, on a chain link fence, found that one also so it was 4 out of 5 not bad. Up to 59 finds so far. I don't have any pic got my camera out and dead batteries! UGH!!! I think my new charger is not working I will check it out and take it back next week if thats the problem. Came home and made sugar cut out cookies and cornflake krispy wreaths. the
wreaths are like rice krispy treats only made with cornflakes. That took the rest of the day. I did get some pic's of those so I posted them.
About 10 days and counting !!!! for heading south. Might look for some Christmas movies on TV tonite and watch. Will be going to son's home tomorrow then cooking a ham for any company that might come by. That's all for now
Happy Cach'n

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