Thursday, December 10, 2009



WOW Got up usual time and got a shock....only 19 out side ....but out we went anyway! Note in the pic of Maggie the wind blowing her ears and tail. Even Maggie does not like the cold weather....she does her business and heads back home. Now for Maggie to do this is something else she loves to be out side and will stand there and beg when I say lets go home....she stops and stands there looking at me....till I tell her ok one more time and she knows that to mean a little more walking!! She is so smart. Anyway there is a pic of her in the new Steeler coat I made for her this week. Just in time I would say! If you click on the pic's you can see a close up.
Needless to say we did not go geocaching today. There is one not to far that I want to go and get I didn't go this summer because it is an old very grown over cemetery it is very small and some of the logs said it had lot of poison ivy, so thought I would wait till everything was lost to frost and I could see better. But too cold today for that. So here is the Pet Shop cache I went to the other day. The cache is in the pic but if I showed it close up it would give it away. It is a quick cache and dash as they say.
Well now 24 days and counting......woooopeee with this weather it can be toooooo soon, I am getting things ready to go...started a check list of things to get done and pack....I CAN'T WAIT!
Sunshine and warm weather!! I know it can be cold there this time of year but not like Western Pa...that's for sure.....that's all for now
Happy Caching

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  1. maggie sure is cute - now that I have figured out I can see her close-up, thanks!
    You weather does seem very cold. Maggie looks rather windswept indeed.