Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Collage bound & a little more festival….

I went to my….

sons home last week for a pizza supper and to see my granddaughter off to collage…she was totally excited….as you can see by that big beautiful smile…to make her collage digs a little more homey she is taking gold fish Captain Bubbles and the Pony Tail palm tree…it will be fun to see how big the tree is in 4 years….


Below is a glass bead maker demonstrating  her craft  that we seen at the Shaker Woods Festival …very interesting…


and a pic of the red hot bead she was working on…something I would like to try but not enough to out the money for equipment…


When I was on the way to the Festival I wondered how much it might have change in the last 20 years and if I would see anything that was still hanging around and selling from the long ago time….and low and behold I did find something…below these rain deer I was making over 20 years ago…I made this size and some smaller…could not believe my eyes!!


Pic of the day…Maggie resting on a bench one day taking a walk…this is in front of the hospital…they made an area where people can relax in what might be a tense situation…again just as I took the pic she turned her head…I wonder why some dogs are like that ..and then there are some real hams out there that like the camera….strange…what goes on in those little minds…


And the rest of the story….

Well things are starting to move along…I am getting ready to leave for my trip south…packing up the motor home…mostly it is with things that I have in the house that I have been using in daily living in the kitchen and bath…and some sewing and crafty stuff…tools and such….I have what I hope are a few  minor problems that popped up…repair type things…but I am ready to roll on down the road soon…guess that is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. Good luck to your Granddaughter. Hope she enjoys college. And safe travels to you.

  2. Wishing your granddaughter the best in College.
    Here is hoping that you soon have a buyer for your home as we know that you've been trying to sell it for some time.
    Safe travels south and Enjoy!

    It's about time.