Thursday, September 10, 2015

)sun rise in the city….soups on…

Sept. 8

I  was up at sun rise……

talking with the birds this morning…there was a bird tweeting ….tweety tweety tweety…he would call out 3 times…so I tried to tweet back at him…he would pause then call again…I think he was answering my tweets Smile…anyone know what kind of bird makes that sound….below is a pic of the sunrise this morning…. pretty sun rise among the pines in the city….


sunrise among the pines in the city

I took this pic of a tree in my front yard…This is a Kousa Dogwood tree (Japanese) up until two years ago it was lush and green you could not see thru it like now…my neighbor who is a Master Gardner told me that it was the last two very bad winter that got them…hers died this winter..said if is not a bad winter it should survive ….I want to compare next year…it is a great little slow growing spring it has white dogwood flowers for a couple months…then it is green..then where the flowers were  a little red ball develops for the fall… so you have a 3 season we will see what it looks like next spring…


On a cool day a few weeks ago and before I packed up my $5 yard sale toaster oven …I needed to bake a few things hanging around in the freezer…needed to clean up that also….so bake these…chicken pot pie…and some cookies…those Nestle cookies in the freezer little squares …mush them down and they get round…worked great as you can see…I am much surprised by how well a toaster over works..esp. baking…


MMMM cookies !! (like cookie monster says)

More cooking…at the small local farm market I got these mini sweet peppers home grown from Amish….they are sort of like those ones we get at WM a bunch in a bag…but these are round and look much more like a bell pepper….and oh so very much sweeter and tastier than the store ones….so I got out my mini slow cooker and made up a bunch of stuffed peppers…stuffed with ground beef sort of like meat loaf…turned out very tasty….


Stuffed mini bell peppers..

And this is one of my most favorite things…fresh tender Zucchini squash…if new tender I do not peal it…other wise I peal skin cut into medallions…shake in zip lock bag of flour  …..put small amount of butter and some EVOO and fry until crispy done…mmmm good I mostly do not eat fried food …so glad this is once a year thing…I have been cooking on the picnic table outside  with my hot plate …I do not want to heat up the kitchen because of the heat sensitive cheapo refrigerator….be ware of the small cheap ones at the big box stores…very poorly insulated….anyway I call it a “cook out”…Winking smile 



And the rest of the story…

Pic of the day Maggie…this was taken one time Sarah and I were over visiting Sandy & Linda in St. Cloud…Sandy and I were out in the kayak…Sarah , Nicki, and Maggie waiting for us at a pavilion…I am still missing my girl so much …is a bad week I have been thinking about moving on down south with out her….I can’t even imagine what I will be like…we always had a good time traveling…last few years we had to stop often…she loved those stops…she would jump up…run to the back …start dancing and prancing by the door to get out…she was soooo happy…loved all the new smells and sights…


All for now thanks for looking and come back soon blessings to all …G&M

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  1. ALL look yummy! I love fried zucchini and also stuffed bell peppers. I used to buy those refrigerated chocolate chip cookie squares - they are the best. I've been on a new eating plan for a while though, and am being so careful. (As I finish my "green drink," LOL) Loved seeing your photos, almost as good as eating them. :)

    I don't think I could go long without a dog. When I lose a pet, it doesn't take long before I'm visiting rescue centers looking to give another dog a forever home. When I lived in San Diego, I searched on-line first, many of the centers there had photos of dogs up for adoption. That's how I found Katie. I love the company, talk to Katie during the day, and our walks wouldn't be the same without her. She adds so much to my life. I hope you're thinking about adopting another pet. :)