Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Got here….

to Santee Lakes Campground on Lake Marion in SC…decided to spend a couple nights here just to break up the WM camping I was getting tired of it…but it sure saved me some $$….I think camp grounds are expensive…maybe its because of being a Florida resident you get 1/2 off all state parks…and also I have the old peeps pass that is free for some things and 1/2 off COE camping…but this was a Good Sam so got 10% off…in pic below is the office and because of the shape and also how the camp ground is laid out makes me think it was once a KOA ….


it is looking more & more that CA is not the only state in a drought….this is a boat dock launch …the water is usually up to the platform you just step in or out of your boat…the lake is down at least 5 feet…I can walk right under the dock that is now beach…that use to be water…you can no longer launch a boat from this campground…many unhappy camper fisher people…


See the beach that use to be under water…


There are a lot of year round people at this camp ground…close to 85% are full time living here…some are decorated to the hilt…as you can see in the pic below…most are more conservative in their decorating..but most all have built some kind of deck along their rig…this is a little to much for even me…lol


Below is a nice deck…a lot of them also enclosed decks that make them an all season room…some really nice ones that one might see added on to the back of a home…like a Florida room…This is something I would like to do …have maybe a TT or 5th wheel set..and have a van for GTG and travel/camping…I don’t think I will ever full time ..things are just not going right for that and every year that passes I get older…and I found out with age one starts having health issues that make things/life more difficult …I do know I don’t want to live in a S&B any more and love the campground setting and feel…Maybe a jello plan?


And here is a really nice after sun set pic…sometimes it is not just the sunset that makes a beautiful pic…this was taken a few min after sunset …it was the only time I had seen the sun in about 10 days…notice the fluffy black clouds along the tree line in the back ground..that is 1-95…then take a look at the tree tops in foreground…big black foreboding storm clouds…this was a short lived sun event let me tell ya….and  I have only seen the sun peep out for a short time while driving since then….it has been a very gray trip…


And the rest of the story…

not much of a story…right now I am visiting with rv friends Lori & Doc…in GA….very nice RV park…will be a post for the future…not sure where I will go next….if any where I am very close to Melbourne so must think about it…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon ..blessings G&M

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