Saturday, September 19, 2015



First day out ….

and it is with out my girl….Maggie…see no little face in the window waiting for me to get gas… Sad smile I wont post these pix any more…


Any way it was a uneventful first day out…and that is the way we like it…I stopped a lot and only made it to the Cumberland MD area ….and stopped at a WM for the night..I looked up an overnight WM on my new app. and it worked out great right on my way just of I-68 never stayed at this one before..went in ask they said park in the back of lot…as usual and that was it…the trees don’t look like it yet but the store is getting geared up for fall….found this guy interesting to look at…luv fall colors …and the artist in me seen a million other things around the store to put with this display and dress it up more….



After I got here went in to check out the WM ..nice big store…went to walk out and to the right was a little store found it was attached to WM and the Mall was attached on the other side, never seen a WM and a Mall together…so walked around there not much of a food court but I was not planning eating out anyway….then I spied my fav fast food Chic-flit so since I have had it only once in 4 mo. figured it was time again…so you see what I got…..Winking smile


And the rest of the story….

After eating came out to the MH opened the door and a blast of hot air hit me like a furnace …so fired up the generator and flipped on the A/C to…then figured since I was boon docking I better get the fridge on some propane or I was going to have a bunch of spoiled food…here is a pic of the drive thru pharmacy at this WM never seen one of those before either a free standing stall out in the middle of the parking lot…easy drive thru and pick up your pills….just like banking…has those suction things that go back and forth to the building…


later I just did a lot of walking around inside and out of the stores…at dusk some cars started gathering in the WM parking lot…it seems that kids now days loiter there and not in the Malls so much….that was one reason it was noisy …a 5th pulled in by me and the kids kept coming and getting closer to us…about 9 I moved a little but that did not help much …looked out the window later and seen the 5th wheel move a distance away so I did also…but did not want to get to far away from where we were to park  now these kids were down rowdy or bad…just noise with talking , laughing and the males revving of there engines showing off their power to the females…stuff like that….  no drinking either…but then about 11pm the all left in one big roar…and there was peace for sleeping…well that is all..not much to see or do on this first leg of my trip…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. I do a fair amount of Wal-Mart over-nighting and hate it when I'm the only person there. I love having a few other RVers in sight. Glad the 5er came in to keep you company. I have to say, one thing about being without a pet is that you can leave your rig in warm weather and not worry. I always do my shopping earlier in the day so Katie won't be too warm in The Palms. Sometimes it would be nice not to have to worry and just come and go when I want, for as long as I want. Not saying I wouldn't want Katie on board - of course I love her LOTS - just that there are advantages to not having pets. :)

  2. I know what you mean Barb... when I was wandering around I kept thinking I have to get back to the rig because Maggie was there... and then I would remember :(

  3. I can't imagine how it would be without my two little furry kids traveling with me. I feel so sad thinking about your little Maggie and how much you must miss her. Hope you have a safe trip. I'm still planning a trip to Florida in November but not sure how far into the state I'll be going.