Sunday, September 27, 2015


Well I  did find…..

something interesting at one of my WM over night stops….a hiking trail …well acutely it was between WM & Lowe’s…I went looking for a geocache …description said you could access beside Lowe’s…well I went to the parking lot and bummer that side was fenced off…did not know what to think…so went back to look at the description again and see that something else was there…and so walked over to the area and seen what was there in the pic below..


Now let me say that I drove right by this and did not see it…but just to say it is set back a little from the road way…so I said to self…this is the trail…I was expecting a geo-trail not a walk/hiking trail…big difference…geo-trail is just a well worn path that people have taken to get to a cache….


if you want to click the pix and get a better idea of what it is and where it goes….the cache is only in about 100 ft. but then goes off in the woods what looked like on my phone gps another 50 ft. or so….my phone is not as accurate as a regular gps…if I had my other one I might have found it…


I did not walk far on the trail as it was already noon and I had to be on my way…but I did find some really strange looking fungus on a tree the pic above…I have never seen anything like it..anyone know….?


All the fungus I seen today was white…and a little green liken very stark in this dark wet forest…it had been raining all night and was gloomy day so it was very dark and damp along the trail and in the woods…


This was my last WM camp for a few days…when I left there went to Santee Lakes Campground in SC…still rainy and gloomy…but just before sun set …the sun did come out for a bit …just enough for this great pic of the sun setting…this camp ground is on lake Marion …an older camp ground in the woods…and of course everything is wet and damp…but at least it is not black top..I have been here since Friday afternoon it is now Sunday morning and I will be leaving for another WM over night…then on Monday I will stop in Georgia to visit Women RV forum sister Lori…there was not much to do here but walk around the loops …I think this is an old KOA…so it  has no walking trails or anything….I will make another post about it soon….I have learned a few things this trip about the rig…myself and camping…some good and some not so good…as always I am still grieving over my Maggie and that has made this trip different in its own way…it could have been different with its own learning curve….I know it would have been a much better and happier trip for sure…20150925_191043

This is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings G&M

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  1. Glad you are still finding things of nature to peak your curiosity.
    Time doesn't take away our grief but it does teach us how to cope with it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.