Sunday, June 30, 2013


As far as I can see….
There is nothing but rain and gloom in the weather forecast…This is getting to be a bit much for me…I don’t do well in the cloudy and gloomy days…need that sun shine on me…too depressing..
On Sat….
Finally said the heck with this and Maggie and I went out  looking for some new geocaches that have popped up in Greenville the last couple years…
So here are a few of the geocaches we found yesterday….
In-between rain drops we found 6 geocaches …not bad for us…and it has been a year or more since I found the last one…. I think Maggie has had enough already…
This was the last one we looked for…but to many peeps (aka mugglers) so we called it quits…went back this morning but could not find it…
And the rest of the story…
Son came and we got the attic cleaned out “cleaned out” I mean all the stuff has been moved down to one of the bedrooms…gave one of my grandsons an extra bed so that freed up one so I filled it up with junk to be gone thru…the only thing I want to keep are a few Christmas ornaments that were from my child hood…so the rest will be sold,donated, or set out to the curb..we set some wire hanging things from my store days and someone came along and took it…love that I don’t have to worry where to take stuff to get rid of it…this week I will go thru what is left in the basement “not much” so we can put on more Dry Loc on the walls and paint the floor…Said it before cant wait for this to be all done…have a great day…and thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Minimize …
 Well I have been down sizing for the last several years…and now I am down to the nitty-gritty as they say..Going thru things in the dinning room china closets and so forth I find that the things left are things I thought I wanted …mostly family stuff…no one but me knows what they are ….only mean something to me…below is a pic of grandmothers china closet..and corner of table and chair..solid maple (they don’t make them like that today) she got it 1950 excellent condition…I will keep this ….
Get rid of “stuff”….
Below is the solid oak built in china closet that goes with the house and matches the oak woodwork…everything in these two pic’s is priced and ready for the moving sale…hope by Aug. if not one room done…so far…
Or keep some?????
Agonizing over what to do…below is my grandmothers good dishes…they are bone china made in occupied Japan…she got them right after WW2 … 1946 ..complete 12 piece set…Me being the oldest granddaughter got them…I would like to see them stay in the family thru my granddaughter…hope they want them…
And along with that dish set is here bone china tea cup and saucer sets…I remember all these things as a child…and a few others that she always kept in the china closet…some days she would get out these pink crystal wine and or goblets (they were very very thin) and  she would play with me putting ginger ale in them and we would have a fun time drinking and chatting… as a child I spent a lot of time with my maternal this stage of my life I feel like an era in our family is coming to an end…and no one will ever know what it was like when I was a child…any of you seniors out there feel the same way?? Seems like the young are not interested in old stuff…lol…Well I had better get busy and keep on ….keeping on…thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings G&M

Sunday, June 23, 2013


The before pic…..
This flooring has been on there about 25 is all chipped up and a mess…needed to be changed….
And the after pic….
It sure looks good..but believe me that it was more than a trial to lay…because of crooked 100 year house…the floor was sloping is some areas…poor son..he has laid this lament before and had no trouble…but he got it done and it looks good…
I started this project…
Stripping wall paper in the hall down stairs…will do up stairs next…it need to come down..I put it up over 30 yrs. ago and it now is starting to pull away from the wall in a lot of places…when I put this up I never thought 30 yrs. later I would be scraping it off….
This is what it looks like when I got done…it looks better in the pic than it really is…the wall on the right has a few hair line cracks that need repaired..and on the left needs some dry wall putty where a sewer pipe was replace a few years ago that I never got finished … I will probably paint not paper again…I am to old for that..not so good on a ladder anymore and balancing on stairs etc.

Saved the best before for last….
I love good old home grown PA strawberries…now not to put the FL strawberry down but they don’t hold a candle to these…got these at the farmers market on Sat. while out doing a  little yard saleing….bought them from an Amish lady…
And the after..It was my birthday yesterday so I made this strawberry short cake for myself…I used my grandmothers recipe…I loved her strawberry short cake…she use to tell me stories about back in the during WW2 sometimes when food was scarce she would make big bowls of strawberry short cakes and that would be their dinner sometimes….as a kid…that would have been great… Did not to much yesterday…hope I get out of this lazy daze mood soon…it is getting hot here now so that will not help me much…lol…either to cold or too hot ..never pleases me…lol…
I am not traveling right now so any new RV girls checking out my blog you will need to scroll back in the archives to see some of my adventures…you can also check out the archives on my side bar to the right…Well better see what I can get done before it gets to hot ..thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Chow time…

After a rough day on the river…everyone was starving….took a lot of energy to do what they did this day…here are the some of the first to arrive…we all chipped in and did a pot luck…

023Remember Sue in the canoe…

here she is telling fellow cacher’s about the experience…she had put her valuables she want to take along  camera, energy bars, etc in a plastic quart jar…well guess  when they flipped over one of those 4 times or so… it flipped into the river and was instantly washed down the river…luckily someone found it and was returned to her on arrival back at the finish …but not so lucky was her cell phone clipped to her life vest that popped off and was gone forever…so she had some tales to tell as did others …a few other things were lost…


And the winner is…..

and I am so sorry I did not get his name…but he won the geo coin for the event..he was able to get all the caches on the trip…in fact he went out the day before and found all the ones on down the river to make is total of 100! And was the first to find also…The other two guys are Dustin and Brian who hosted this event…great job guys….


Bridge across the river to a walking trail…


Another view of MySweetDream…from the bridge…


All in all I had a great time and met more new friends…that I hope to be able to cache with while I am here…who know maybe I can do another event…Most of the cacher’s were young people…so good to see them out having fun with their children…some were middle age and some were grandma & grandpa types like me…Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessing G&M (woof woof)Smile

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The landing…
Here come the first of the weary, wet, and tired cacher’s this was a canoe trio that had a very rough trip…they flip about 4 times…and they were looking a little water logged when they got back…Please click on all the pic…to see better….
This is them…click on pic to open and see for your self how wet they are…and the other things was they were so busy trying to stay afloat that they did not get one geocache.!!! It was one wild ride for Sue…
And here come a few more…they all said it was a rough ride but the had so very much fun..some would and some wouldn’t do it again…
Coming ashore…they all had a ball even those that ended up in the water…
The problem with this float was…
It has been raining here for weeks…so the Shenango River is high and running very very fast…so not a good float down a lazy river (which it normally is) looking for and logging geocaches…not to mention the beautiful PA county side along the way…All said and done there were about 20 who did the “float” There are two sections to this cash float this was the first half…total there are 100 geocaches along the river so far…with I think they said were going to do about 50 more that would take them to the Shenango Damn…I don’t know if I will ever have the opportunity to do this float or not…need a kayak first and a partner or partners to do it with…I  know that I would like to …but who knows…Son has been here last 2 days making progress…will finish up new kitchen floor, and another coat of dry wall mud on hole in wall….and hope to get up to the attic…as the garbage goes tomorrow….so all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M ..woof woof Smile

Sunday, June 16, 2013


And so it was….
so much fun..I went to the Shenango River Water Trail Kickoff Event at my local home park here in PA… Riverside Park
Maggie and I went really early 6:30 am…to find a parking spot for MySweetDream…I was not sure where I would be able to park and be close enough to leave Maggie in rig. We at our breakfast there waiting for things to happen.
Carried Away Recreation…..
Let the hosts set up here at their place along the river…where the geocachers could pull in their kayaks…They rent out kayaks and other water going vessels….
Starting the set up…
Main staging area for food and talking about  kayaking experience on the Shenango River…
Everyone was shuttled….
To Pymatuning State park …to the main damn near Jamestown Pa…. about 10 mile up river….I did not go there so not pic’s of launch….
Waiting for the return down river…
After about 4 hrs. or so people started watching from the bridge waiting for the first to come back….It took a good 4-5 hrs.…being they and to stop and sign log for about 50 or so caches…
This is getting pretty long so…The Rest of the Story …next time
Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Misplaced bird house…
Back in the day (90)’s I use to make these bird houses and attach them to a garden shovel,decorate and sell them for yard and garden…when I stopped making them, I was cleaning out my van one day and put this last one here for a temp spot until later. Well later never happened and the next spring I noticed a pair of chickadee’s and house sparrows were fighting over it…The chickadee’s won and for many years it was their nesting spot…but this year I noticed that the sparrow’s had taken over…When Liz was here she was able to get this pic of feeding time….
What was unique about this pic ….we found out when enlarged …was the comical way mama was feeding the baby…guess you could call it “spread eagle” ….pic below shows it all….we were sitting in her car on the street when she got the pic…
In all the years I would see the Mama’s & Papa’s bringing bugs and what ever to the babies…I never seen one…well as it happened to be this year…backing in my RV..put it in a perfect spot to watch feeding time and low and behold I got this pic of a baby…not sure if there was another on in there or not…it was not easy with my slow camera to get him before he ducked back in after getting his meal.
And then there is this guy….
I took this pic at the home park in FL…been meaning to post and ask what it was….I had to crop the pic to get a close up…Judy could you enlighten me on the kinda cute guy…not sure if cute is the right word lol...a face only a mama could love...
And the rest of the story….
Sitting here now waiting for my second meeting with the real estate peeps…should know more today…real estate sales are still stale here in this town…so who know how long this will take…but it is down to the nitty gritty now and I have to get rid of the rest of my belongings…I have not got much done…tail bone, life crap stuff like that…sometimes the life things happen that just suck the peace and joy right out of you…and in my observation of the senior years those are two things that you can’t afford to lose…it seems like you don’t bounce back like you once did… going this afternoon to get some Maggie food…at pet store about 15 mile away…stop and get some Grammy food supplies…that is if the wind dies down a little…
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings G&M

Monday, June 10, 2013


A few random things and pic’s…
Kids Mills covered bridge that Liz and I went to check out while she was here…..
A view of the new bridge from inside the old covered bridge….
Some roses in front of my porch…they should be better than this but they are shaded so might move them….
A pic of me and my son’s middle child…my third grandson…I went to his graduation from high school last week…very proud of Dylan….
And the rest of the story….
So …we are here in northwest PA…and now I remember why I don’t like this part of the country…cool , gray, rainy and nasty…I need sunshine that’s for sure…we might get some on Fri. and Sat….but that could change….I have a real estate agent coming tomorrow…hope to find out info on how much I need to do to get this place on the market…I am thinking some of my ideas are way to much in $$$ to make it worth any more…so will find out ….I do have to get the cosmetic things done for sure…tail bone is still giving me fits…so its slow going…I am not sure how much I can talk about my family on my blog…I know when I started it they didn’t want to much said and no pic’s…I know that most of the blogs I read they talk and show lot of pic’s of family…I have some pic’s I have taken around the yard…some bird pic’s….so think that will be my next blog …since I am not traveling right now…how I wish…oh well…that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Thursday, June 6, 2013


My spot at the Shenango cg….
I know it has been awhile…but been busy and to tired at night to blog…have to figure out a way to have fun, blog and not be tired…This is my site at the gtg I had with Liz…She stopped over here a few days on her way to Good Sam Rally…in NY…glad to have RV visitors… Smile It was on the cool side so I did not but out my outside room…so will just share this photo of the site…Liz and I shared that beautiful white Dogwood tree
Some sights, sites, around the cg…
At this no hook up site…was a tree carve from an old tree stump over looking this part of the lake… they also had a few loose stumps to use as stool seats…around the site…
A nice back in site with a view of the lake.. nice and flat…
Looking down one of the empty loops…it is a tad early and cool for this COE campground to be filled up…but in the summer it is filled most of the time…but some sites for passing thru RV’ers…The sites on the left would be lake side sites…
Here are a few neighbors we saw …and this boat was docked right behind the camp site…lot of the sites you could do this…
This was looking up our loop…you can see just the tip of Liz.s car and the cab of my was a little on the foggy side the morning I took this…
I have more but will wait for next post..this is getting long enough…check out Liz’s blog for the the things we saw around the area…like I said there is not much to see and do here in this part of northwest PA…until next time thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M
Liz's blog