Friday, May 27, 2011



WEATHER IN GREENVILLE PA Temp 70 with rain on and off all day, mostly cloudy, not what this old lady is use to!

We spent the weekend in Va with my daughter and family, then came on up to Pa on Monday. Not hard driving at all. I have been sick since I got here. Think I got a cold from my SIL, the first one I have had in five years. I go out of my way to try and stay away from colds, and other such nasties. So do to that I have not got much done around here. My son has to come and finish up the bath room. He has been working a lot at his new job at Home Depot, so it is slow going.

I will start working on some things on Monday and work on some art projects. You can keep up with that on my other blog Red Apple Junction. The link is on the side bar here.

The cache is one we found in Fl before we left. It is in an area where there are lot of rocks and stones, large ones too as you can see by the pic. It was not to hard to find the GPS was right on. The second pic is of the cache itself. Looks like a stone but the bottom opens up and the log is in there. Pretty neat.

That's all for now thanks for looking and come back soon



Sunday, May 22, 2011






WEATHER: The weather has been great this whole trip. I won't go into detail, but shorts and T shirts.

The campground we stopped at on Friday night was in MT Airy NC, home of the Andy Griffth show. Hence the name. A nice campground by the looks of everything we were there only over night. We were at a spot next to the office, bathroom with shower right there at office. We were put there because we were only staying the night. We drove about the some as the day before, so we had plenty of time to explore down town after we checked in. Very interesting place lots of thing to see, if you are a lover of the show you will enjoy this a lot. You need a couple days to see everything. We also looked for a few caches, only finding two. The one pictured above is a fake hen's & chicken plant with a tube for the log to hide. I knew right away what it was. Easy park&grab. The other was also a P&G light pole.

I like traveling like this no rush to get someplace, stopping to take a look at things, doing a little caching, etc. I just wish I at least had a van, hard on old lady climbing around in that truck.

Sleeping: Well, the first night Maggie kept trying to get on the lounge cushion with me. There is no room for this lol. I made a little area for her using a crochet Afghan, but i guess that was not cushy enough for her. So on Sat night she gave up and stayed put.

Got to my daughters on Sat and will leave here on Monday.

All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.



Thursday, May 19, 2011






Weather was great , traffic was great. Good travel day light traffic, and one thing I noticed was that most were traveling at a slower speed than they usually do. I know I did, even when the speed limit was 70 I only did 65, did that the whole way so far. I think everyone is trying to save on gas even the truckers. I stopped every time I got down to half tank and I seen cheap gas. It ranged from $3.65 to 4.00. I did not pay the $4 but I seen the prices.

We left at 6:30 and stopped about 4:oo. made several stops about 6 I would say. Spent an hour for breakfast, at then see there was a geocache only a mile away so of course we had to get that.

So we went 393 miles in about 9 hrs. And I am not tired, my back side does not hurt and my hip and leg does not hurt! I am thinking this is the way to travel! Slow and easy no rush! We found another cache at lunch time. Almost forgot that. To night will be interesting see how Maggie likes the sleeping arrangements. Sitting here at our camp site nice just right not to hot not to cool. We are right next to I-95 so there will be some traffic noise, but I don't think it will bother me. Lunch and supper was left overs from last nite 1/2 BBQ chicken, dad and I went out to our local "Diners,Drive-in's and Dives. ( they were not on that show but should be) Had enough for 2 more meals.

Well thats it for now thanks for looking and come back soon.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


HAD TO GO HERE........... SO HE COULD ......

DO THIS!!!!!!!!




WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL.... 84 Great day few clouds mostly sunny.

I heard a small noise, took truck to my new mechanic and he said hole in muffler, I don't do exhaust work! Sent me to Meineke....what a great bunch of guys especially Chirs the guy in pic, fixed muffler and when he found out I was going north , check my oil and tires, and my check engine light. (that is whole other post) I would recommend them highly. So I looked around and saw the clock repair place across the highway. Had to move very fast to get across!! Ask the man if he had any old watch or clock parts he didn't want, he did so I got all those in the pic. I hit the jackpot! I will use them in my art projects. Was having such a good time, I then treated myself to the last pic!!!!

We are heading out early tomorrow morning. Everything is packed so brush teeth, wash face and be gone.
I want to keep a travel blog going with this new puter with a good battery I am sure it will work out so keep checking!

All for now thanks for looking come back soon



Monday, May 16, 2011


What it looked like on TV

In my back yard!

TV again.

Last of the employee's

WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. About 84 today was a great day. Mostly sunny.

I watched the launch on the TV then ran out to the back yard to see it. The first and third pictures are of what was on TV. The second is what I saw in the back yard. It was truly awesome. About 3-5 min after I took this pic the roar caught up with were we are located and it shook the house and rattled the windows. Maggie did not like this at all!! Clear blue sky and sun shine. I could see the shuttle and fuel tank as the sun was reflection off it and made it look like brilliant copper color. Beautiful. It is inspiring to be here in central Florida living this history. I was thinking about all the great history (now) that has happened in my life time. Mostly good stuff but some bad, like the wars etc. Someday I will post about it.

The last pic is what the employee's were doing this morning . That is the last of the thousands and thousands of people that got pink slips. No longer working on our now defunct space program.

This is a sad sad thing for our country.

The gathered in the parking lot and made the shuttle in a circle standing side by side.

I cleaned the cab of the truck vacuum and all. Getting ready for our trip. Leaving on Thur.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011



001Took Maggie out and about Sat. We went to a few yard sales I got this iron votive holder to use as a stencil for my art projects. I twisted of the round votive holders so the would not be in the way while I spray.

002I got this plastic box thing to use the same way. I took the box apart so it could be used in a better way. We also found a neat cache over at the beach. I was at one of the access parks to the ocean. I didn’t take a pic because it would have given the hid away if anyone here in Florida would happen to read my blog. But it was hid under a sea shell. We went up to the Patrick AFB area, while we were crossing the bridge there were a bunch of fighter jets comeing in to base, wow was that awesome!!! I seen a bunch of cars pulled off to the side, was wondering what was going on when BOOM I heard then. Took me a while to pull of get out and get phone camera on, and by that time they were done. So much noise as the were landing right there. Almost scary! So any way no pic’s.

That’s it for now thanks for looking come back soon.

Blessings Donna

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well last night I down loaded a new program called Live Writer. All of a sudden on my blog I would be half thru it and it would disappear never to be seen again. So I thought this live writer thing would help. This is the second post that I have used it, last night on other blog I used it, anyway I had my pic on here and was just starting to add the text and bingo the whole shoot’n match disappeared. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

I will try again. here are a few pic’s of some easy caches that we have found last couple weeks.ezyThis is your typical chain link fence hiding spot. When I first started geocaching this was hard for me to figure out. loll ezy 1“CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW” This is soooooo easy. An old broken down phone sitting in plan site.

ezy 2This one had me for awhile. It really is easy but for some reason I could not find it. When I did find it, I looked at the logs and someone said when they found it there was a homeless man sleeping beside it. Amazes me because this is in a busy parking lot with a big 4 story business building right there.

ezy 3Same cache as above.

Well I got thru this ok, I am looking for a place to save it as I go along typing but can’t find it. I am getting ready to go north soon, I will be I will be leaving on May 19th. I will be doing a travel blog here so if family and friends want to keep track of me can do so. And we will be camping instead of motels, and maybe seeing some sites along the way.

All for now blessings


Sunday, May 1, 2011


Eating garden fresh tomato's in March a first for me! I was going to plant a few tomato plants in Jan so I could have some before I left and to take some with me. But dad wanted to do it so, now we are eating fresh garden tomato's. Eating BLT'S, garlic and tomato's, basil tomato's from my herb garden. He planted them after our last frost in Jan. And they were ready end of March.

Don't they look good?

Scrubbed down the porch and furniture, this week. It should be ok for the summer. When I get back I want to paint the floor. I would have done it already but waiting dad to get a nozzle for the

power washer. From his friend.

Also getting the truck ready for our trip. The cushion from a lounge chair will work great for a bed. I am gluing the screen back on the windows of the cap. For as much as I had to pay for that cap, the screen was very cheaply done. My clothes and a few other things I am taking with me will fit in two totes that will go along the other side of the cushion. And at nite I can set them outside they will be covered. I tried out the cushion and it is very comfy. Not sure how Maggie will take to the sleeping arrangement. Only room for me on that bed! LOL
WEATHER : HOT in the high 80's and 90's here for the last two weeks. I think there was one cloudy day in the last two weeks. I guess they don't call Florida the sun shine state for no reason.

Wow. I will bring the sunshine north with me. Today working on cleaning up things and spray painting a few art projects to do. You can check that out on my other blog.

Anyone using live writer for blogging? How does it work for you? I would like to use it now that I got a new computer.

All for now thanks for stopping and come back soon


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