Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well last night I down loaded a new program called Live Writer. All of a sudden on my blog I would be half thru it and it would disappear never to be seen again. So I thought this live writer thing would help. This is the second post that I have used it, last night on other blog I used it, anyway I had my pic on here and was just starting to add the text and bingo the whole shoot’n match disappeared. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

I will try again. here are a few pic’s of some easy caches that we have found last couple weeks.ezyThis is your typical chain link fence hiding spot. When I first started geocaching this was hard for me to figure out. loll ezy 1“CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW” This is soooooo easy. An old broken down phone sitting in plan site.

ezy 2This one had me for awhile. It really is easy but for some reason I could not find it. When I did find it, I looked at the logs and someone said when they found it there was a homeless man sleeping beside it. Amazes me because this is in a busy parking lot with a big 4 story business building right there.

ezy 3Same cache as above.

Well I got thru this ok, I am looking for a place to save it as I go along typing but can’t find it. I am getting ready to go north soon, I will be I will be leaving on May 19th. I will be doing a travel blog here so if family and friends want to keep track of me can do so. And we will be camping instead of motels, and maybe seeing some sites along the way.

All for now blessings



  1. The next time something disappears, try hitting the undo button at the top in the toolbar. It looks like a curved arrow going to the left. Sometimes I have to hit this twice to get my text back. I think it is caused by me hitting some wrong key on the laptop keyboard.

    I add my pics as I'm writing. I use Picassa and export a folder each night I write.

    I also hit the save button after each pic. It's also in the toolbar...I think it looks like a little disc.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics. I use a mac so I can't help you with live writer...sorry! Hope you're able to find some caches along the way and share some more. Safe travel's. Cheers! ~M

  3. Thanks Judy that helps alot, as you can see I am not doing so well with it. Fonts are off, and I sure not lining things up very good.
    I will keep going till I get it!!!
    Thanks for your comments Jammin Along.