Monday, May 16, 2011


What it looked like on TV

In my back yard!

TV again.

Last of the employee's

WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. About 84 today was a great day. Mostly sunny.

I watched the launch on the TV then ran out to the back yard to see it. The first and third pictures are of what was on TV. The second is what I saw in the back yard. It was truly awesome. About 3-5 min after I took this pic the roar caught up with were we are located and it shook the house and rattled the windows. Maggie did not like this at all!! Clear blue sky and sun shine. I could see the shuttle and fuel tank as the sun was reflection off it and made it look like brilliant copper color. Beautiful. It is inspiring to be here in central Florida living this history. I was thinking about all the great history (now) that has happened in my life time. Mostly good stuff but some bad, like the wars etc. Someday I will post about it.

The last pic is what the employee's were doing this morning . That is the last of the thousands and thousands of people that got pink slips. No longer working on our now defunct space program.

This is a sad sad thing for our country.

The gathered in the parking lot and made the shuttle in a circle standing side by side.

I cleaned the cab of the truck vacuum and all. Getting ready for our trip. Leaving on Thur.

That's all for now thanks for looking and come back soon



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