Sunday, May 8, 2011



001Took Maggie out and about Sat. We went to a few yard sales I got this iron votive holder to use as a stencil for my art projects. I twisted of the round votive holders so the would not be in the way while I spray.

002I got this plastic box thing to use the same way. I took the box apart so it could be used in a better way. We also found a neat cache over at the beach. I was at one of the access parks to the ocean. I didn’t take a pic because it would have given the hid away if anyone here in Florida would happen to read my blog. But it was hid under a sea shell. We went up to the Patrick AFB area, while we were crossing the bridge there were a bunch of fighter jets comeing in to base, wow was that awesome!!! I seen a bunch of cars pulled off to the side, was wondering what was going on when BOOM I heard then. Took me a while to pull of get out and get phone camera on, and by that time they were done. So much noise as the were landing right there. Almost scary! So any way no pic’s.

That’s it for now thanks for looking come back soon.

Blessings Donna

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