Sunday, May 1, 2011


Eating garden fresh tomato's in March a first for me! I was going to plant a few tomato plants in Jan so I could have some before I left and to take some with me. But dad wanted to do it so, now we are eating fresh garden tomato's. Eating BLT'S, garlic and tomato's, basil tomato's from my herb garden. He planted them after our last frost in Jan. And they were ready end of March.

Don't they look good?

Scrubbed down the porch and furniture, this week. It should be ok for the summer. When I get back I want to paint the floor. I would have done it already but waiting dad to get a nozzle for the

power washer. From his friend.

Also getting the truck ready for our trip. The cushion from a lounge chair will work great for a bed. I am gluing the screen back on the windows of the cap. For as much as I had to pay for that cap, the screen was very cheaply done. My clothes and a few other things I am taking with me will fit in two totes that will go along the other side of the cushion. And at nite I can set them outside they will be covered. I tried out the cushion and it is very comfy. Not sure how Maggie will take to the sleeping arrangement. Only room for me on that bed! LOL
WEATHER : HOT in the high 80's and 90's here for the last two weeks. I think there was one cloudy day in the last two weeks. I guess they don't call Florida the sun shine state for no reason.

Wow. I will bring the sunshine north with me. Today working on cleaning up things and spray painting a few art projects to do. You can check that out on my other blog.

Anyone using live writer for blogging? How does it work for you? I would like to use it now that I got a new computer.

All for now thanks for stopping and come back soon


Donna & Maggie says boof


  1. I'm sure jealous about those tomatoes! I use Live Writer, and would never go back to Blogger for composing my posts. :)

  2. Thanks Judy, If you are ever in Florida for the winter I will supply you with tomato's. Thanks for the live writer info, I am going to down load it.