Tuesday, July 14, 2015

HOME AGAIN….and it was over…. :(….


so once again we came home… but I  made two appointments one on Friday morning and one Sat. morning….as my daughter and son-in – law were coming from VA…he would be with Maggie if I could not do it…but he had to make arrangements at work…my sister and I were both basket cases and could not do this with out more stable support… so they were coming ….later in the affternoon again Maggie started to breath worse again….found they would leave after work that day and be here about 10 pm… so I call vet and confirmed the Friday morning appointment ….early in the morning I had taken Maggie for a last walk in her buggy…I put her bed in it the bed she still used that she had as a baby puppy …she loved riding in her “buggy’ she would dance a jig when I mentioned it or got it out..…. see how flat and laid back her” Butterfly ” ears are…they went that way when she was totally happy….they would go back and pointy when she was upset ….we went to Lexi & Milo’s house to say good by …it was so so sad but was nice at the same time… we could tell the little Milo knew some thing was up…he acted very caring and concerned…I was sitting on the steps at one point and he come up to me put his paws on my shoulder and got right in my face and just stood there staring in to my eyes…I read somewhere that dogs gave hugs with their eyes…maybe they do…but I knew that he knew something was very sad and wrong…Lexi sort of wondered around the buggy …

We we left and  walked around the neighborhood  for awhile in  the buggy ….it was about to rain so we had to stop….I was with her all the time never let her out of my sight….again early evening she started with the breathing problem…I tried to hold her several times but she seamed to want and was more comfortable in “her seat” in the rig…I sat on the sofa and talked and petted her…


Maggie with her Christmas stocking …she loved Christmas she got stocking and good people food…


Then things turned into a night mare…. she was… I knew she was going to go….I called my sister..she was baby sitting her Gkids in another town could not come but she stayed on the phone with me…I am not going to go into detail about this …but I was scared and a mess…. I guess it did not take long maybe 30 min my sister thought that was a time frame….. me I do not know…but to me it was what can I say seamed like forever… it seamed like years… by far the worst 30 min. of my life…I do not want to remember this..even tho I will never forget…. I am not going to talk about this part…I will just say Maggie did not have and easy time at least to me it seamed that way to me…  (just before all this happened like I mean like 10 min…Lexi, Milo and their mama came by…they came in the rig ..Maggie was laying in her seat….she got down and went over and greeted them…now after I know what was to happen in only minuets …I still cant believe she did that…that is how well dogs hide what is really going on with them and their little bodies)     …and then it was over.She passed to the Rainbow Bridge in her seat with me holding her….

I was hysterical and did not know what to do…went out on the sidewalk and finally got neighbors …. these two angel mama’s of Maggie’s friends were the ones I have been talking about…they came… being here for us… anyway it was around 7pm my vet was closed…they have a different vet that had a tech on until around 9pm so they called them…after it was all said and done we took Maggie in her bed (not the puppy bed)the newer bed  she rides in while we travel and her new blankie I made that very morning to them and they kept her cool until morning ….my first night without My Maggie Girl….is to sad to share…


Maggie with her new Christmas toy….

She loved toys!

I will have the end next post…. the flavor of my post at this time  are not the best… but I am doing this for me…hopefully I will have more up beat posts sometime soon…just pass over these if you don’t want to read about sadness…I would not blame you one bit..not sure I could read if it wasn’t me & Maggie…and our story..

blessings to all G&M


  1. Watching our furkids pass is no different that watching loved ones pass. you will go through the same grieving process and shed the same tears. Just remember that she is at rest with no pain and will continue to travel with you.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. I know how very much you are hurting right now. Maggie went in her own time and in her own way. She was not sick for long and she was with the person she loved the most. One cannot ask for much more than that. Maggie had a wonderful life filled with adventures and travel and she was very happy with that. In time, you will be able to focus on all the positive aspects of Maggie's time with you. That is what she would want you to do and you will always have her with you. Hugs and more peaceful days ahead.

  3. I am just oh so sorry for your pain. I know this is a horrific shock for you. Maggie was a wonderful doggy princess and oh so beautiful. Reading your blog is a real tear jerker, because I can feel your pain. I wish I were there to hug you and Harley wants to send you loads of sloppy doggy kisses.

    We shall miss Maggie and again, I am just oh so sorry this happened.

  4. What an ordeal for you both but so wonderful that you could see her through to the very end. She knew you loved her and would do anything for her. That's what counts, what a wonderful life she had. I know how awful it is to lose a life long animal friend. It's so painful that after the last one I felt I just couldn't do it again.

  5. What a difficult time this has been for you. But in the end Maggie was where she would want to be, at home in her favorite seat and in your arms. Everyone who has met Maggie knows what a sweet and loyal dog she was, and we will all miss seeing her. Time will lessen the pain, and the sweet mempries will remain.

  6. Thank all of you for your heartfelt words of kindness....I so much appreciate them...donna

  7. So sorry to hear this news. My heart hurts and tears run down my face as I read this post. {{{hugs}}}