Friday, May 2, 2014


My Home Park…(good)
my refuge …I go here to get away and be alone…I am so use to living alone (35yrs.) it has been very hard moving in with my elderly father…that I have not lived with since I was 18..I  am soon to be 69…in the pic below is the view out my front door the other day…
On this day it was very busy must have been a weekend…Sat. I think…a lot of boats…big boats and little boats shown in the pic below…
This is the second time I seen this …a couple 12/13 year old boys out for a day of kayaking and fishing…mostly its all about the fishing by looking at their  gear….they were gone all day…
The (bad)….
My heart had a sad sinking feeling when I seen this boat towing this gray thing behind it…I have seen this a couple times before …. Sad smile
and my thoughts were right…I dead Manatee…it was so awful…so sad…poor little thing…was not an adult…but not a baby …was floating on his/her back  with little flippers across chest…made me cry….
The lady (seen her before also) from the Florida Wild Life came with this pick up truck to get him/her… the truck had a wench on it …so she was able to lift the Manatee out of the water and on to the truck alone…as sad as it was it was a very interesting process..
I did not take anymore pix of this…it was just to sad..I had to walk away and watch from the other side of the boat launch…there was a crowed of people watching…this is the fourth one I have seen that died in this area in the last 6 months…they do an autopsy on all of them…but what the news is saying all along the intercostal water way (the Indian River) it is probably pollution that is killing Manatee, dolphin, fish, birds and water animals…there is a big push to clean it up..I hope it succeeds and works… I haven't been posting because of the IE thing..but decided to bite the bullet   and down load a different browser…old habits die hard…any way did the Google Chrome and it works ok…but having problems with email with it…I will leave it here…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. That is so sad, it would be hard to watch. I remember seeing a TV show about manatees a long time ago, and I've loved them ever since. Before that show I had never even heard of manatees. Such gentle giants.

    I didn't realize you moved in with your dad. His accident must have been worse than I realized. I hope you two will find an easy way to live together and still have your own space. That would be important to me. You're a good daughter. :)

  2. So difficult to see & hear about this. We must begin to take better care of this fragile planet we're blessed with or there won't be much left for future generations. Take good care of yourself--I hope you have some relief. Full-time caregiving is hard.