Thursday, April 24, 2014


A few ….
before pix of the back yard…sometime this year I hope to do some “fixing up” of said back yard….This is looking thru the window in my craft/art room…rain drops on the window… it was raining and wind blowing that day …That little brown patch is where I want to have herb garden…it will be in pots as dad put weed killer on it and sorry to say I don’t think that it would be wise to plant in it…don’t think anything would grow…
One day when I first came to FL ..I was walking at the home park..and found a section of cactus about the size and shape if my hand I stuck it in a pot too see if it would grow and now 4 years is about 8ft. tall and has a base of at least 6 in around…and many arms…and this year a ton of blooms…this pix is just one of the arms with blooms I want to show you..some are spent and some are just budding and coming out…don’t know what kind it is…anyone?
All his life…
My dad was a hunter and fisherman…total outdoors guy…when he moved to Florida he got rid of all his hunting gear…except these two duck decoy’s …they are in the back yard at the base of a palm tree…the other day I was sitting in my craft room and into the middle of the yard flew two female mallard ducks…they were looking at these male mallard decoys…and let me tell you the strutted or should I say waddled right  in that direction…they were women with a one track mind…it was so funny I could not take my eyes of them…when they got close they then made a circle around them keeping their eyes on them the whole time…they did this for about 5 min…then guess they figured they were dead beat ducks and flew off…I tried to get a good pic but too many shadows …but here are the decoys…and gezzz I did not notice until I was putting labels on this post and checking it for typos...there is what looks like a peanut in that air plant...good grief I am over being attack by run away peanuts!!
Well that’s it for the back yard for now…I have my frog garden to show you some time and will up date the herb garden…if it makes it thru the summer…going to ask dad to water but not sure he will…sometimes I am not sure what to post about on this blog…I am not sure I will even make it to  PA this year…I have had a couple incidents with my dad this winter…the last one a couple weeks ago ending up with …he will no longer be driving…I am really stressed out at this time..I pray and trust in Jesus …and try not to worry…I guess I should say “don’t worry” .. I better go for now thanks for looking and come back soon..
blessings to all G&M


  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Your cactus is gorgeous--who knew they could grow in Florida! Funny story about the ducks!

  2. Helping with an elderly parent is the most wonderful gift a child can ever give. It is a very difficult job. Hope your herb garden turns out wonderfully. I have 6 herbs in pots that travel in the shower and when we are parked sit on the dashboard. I love them.