Thursday, April 3, 2014

MARCH 29 2014

On Sat…..
this showed up in the afternoon on the TV screen…a very nasty storm system was coming thru central Florida…tornado watches and warnings all over the place..including Melbourne…I know this is old but had to wait for some free wifi…out of GB’s with Verizon again…grrrrr at Panera Bread hope it works
In the middle of the storm I opened the front door and tried to take a pix of the wind,rain, and lighting…but it did not show up…maybe if I had a better camera might have got a better pix…anyway thought it was a cool pix of the rig..looking like it might be parked in a camp site….oh..I forgot it drive way….
Sun.  morning….
I borrowed dads car …had a few errands to run including getting some flea med for Maggie…it was to hot for her to stay in the car so she stayed at dads…While I was out with the car I decided to look for a couple geocaches close by.. I cant cache much in the RV because of parking…in the pix below is one on the cause way…there are more but on out farther on the bridge… but you wont find me out there…I am lucky I can get across by vehicle…let alone walk...
I found the little bison tube pretty quick…
A pix of the log inside the tube…signed it and put it all back for the next cacher….all together I found 3 of the 3 I looked for…the other two were park & grab …on guard rails…I like it that they do hide some like this for old Grammy's like me that cant hike and climb things….I can hike flat trails..and find those but not some of the ones that are hard to get at….
Two cuties…Maggie and Joey…Joey is my daughters dog..he has a little Papillon in him…he is a rescue and is the biggest mama’s baby there ever was….
I will leave you with this…while I go find something else to blog about…thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings to all…G&M

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  1. I recently met some fellow RVers who are AVID geocachers. One couple has over 4,000 finds! WOW. Someday I want to start geocaching, too.

    Glad you got through the storm, and love the dogs! :)