Monday, April 7, 2014


Went to a large…

plaza not to far from dad’s…parked here at the end of the parking lot in a nice shady area near Panera Bread so I could use their free WiFi and get a cinnamon crusted bagel…I could get addicted to those things…got my puter all set up and stepped  out to run over and get the bagel shut the door and new the moment the door went shut…the keys were on the table…..this is not the first time I have done this…. LOCKED OUT!!!


I knew what I had to do…(as I have done it before)…so looked around to see who might have the object I was in need of…spied this place (in pix below) was my first choice…very nice man manning the phone…said didn’t think they had one…then thought about it and said wait I will look in the janitor closet…bingo had one in my hot little hand in just a few minutes after the door slamming shut!!!


So went over to the rig and set the ladder up where it was needed…my side window was unlocked so all I had to do was open it ..lean in and get the grabber tucked at one end of the sofa and grab the extra set off keys hanging beside the door…I bought this grabber just for these occasions…before the grabber I had to slide my self in the window onto the sofa and get the if that wasn’t a pretty site…lol…I know , I know a key hidden out side is what is needed here but I don’t know where to hide on and afraid I might loose it while bouncing down the highway…any ideas out there send me an email…would not want to announce to the whole WWW where my key might be hidden…well that’s the end of that tale…


After that ….

excitement and got my on line work done…check for any geocaches that might be handy…well low and behold the map looked like I was setting on top of  one…and sure enough about 50 feet away there was one hiding in some bushes…now it took me a few min. to find the right bushes as there were many around and my GPS was jumping around hither and yon…but narrowed it down to these pretty green ones…


and not long after find the bushes I found the cute little marsupial hiding with the cache attached…you never know what a cache might be hanging around with….opened the bison tube singed the log and that was it…


And the rest of the story….

l am back at Panera bread again..for the same reason…but not locked door this time…I have run out of GB’s with Verizon again…I have been thinking about this and I believe when email my photos taken with my phone then I have to down load from email to puter is when I use up a huge amount of my data…so I will have to be more watchful of this in the future..I have yet to get my bagel but will before I leave here Winking smile…next stop think I will be going over to Wickham to walk and spend the afternoon…dad has his friend Ron at the house fixing a leak in kitchen drain…I will post about that later….not a  pretty sight…so this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M



  1. About being locked out - I have my own system which includes two things:

    1. I ALWAYS have the rig locked, doors and windows, whether I'm inside or outside. That's one of my safety things. If you can get in that easily, so can anyone else.

    2. I have keys in my pocket ALWAYS, whether I'm in The Palms, or outside - then I don't have to remember them. The ring has three keys, truck doors, cabin door dead bolt lock, and storage compartment locks. No matter what, I can get what I want.

    Of course, I also have road service, and they would come out and get me in, but would take time and be a pain.

    I should also have a key to the truck door hidden somewhere outside. But like you, I'm afraid of losing it and having it there would make me complacent and maybe not always keep my keys in my pocket. You know what, though? I have another idea I'm going to use, and I'll e-mail it to you. :)

  2. You don't have an e-mail listed - send it to me at :)

  3. Thank goodness I can't lock myself out of Winnona since you have to have the keys to lock the door. But I've sure done it enough in my car. You asked about the passports and I couldn't find an email for you. You can get them at any Florida State Park as far as I know and it is lots of fun to get them stamped. There are an AMAZING number of state parks in Florida but with and without campgrounds. Enjoy your bagel!