Friday, May 9, 2014


In my fav spot…

at Wickham Park CG…for my monthly tank dump…it looks like the tree branches are on top of the rig but they are at least 5 ft away and not at all a problem…check out is at noon but at this time of year you can prolong it a little …but not today …someone is coming into this spot ….


This morning as I sit at the table typing this there is a wonderful breeze blowing my curtains… feels wonderful…but it wont last long … going to be in 90’s today (again)


Here is a pic of a near empty camp ground…down around the corner of this pic the whole row is empty….


up the other side of loop A…is all empty…when I pulled in yesterday there were only 9 rigs in Loop A and 4 in Loop B….one and a couple tents in the over flow….The one in the over flow has been there all winter…as at least 2  have spent the winter Loop B…


Some sewing has….

come into my boring life…making it not so boring for me at least…since I started doing this quilt/blanket for my soon to be GGD…I really got the sewing/quilting bug…I use to sew back in the day…this is what I did last evening sitting here watching the NFL draft…on my computer…love free wifi…(glad to see our guy Mr. Bortles in going to stay in Florida….! Any way this crazy quilt you see blow is very addicting…love sewing the pieces together…


And here is…

Maggie enjoying herself on one of our many trips to our new shopping destination …JoAnne Fabric…they let doggies rid around in the carts while you do your shopping…I put this bold of material on top of her so she would mind her own bisiness …there were a bunch of kids running around on this day…


And the rest of the story…

Well I guess that after getting dad settled with some senior service for rides and such…and neighbors …and his best buddy…watching out for him…I will be heading north in a couple weeks…we had a big talk and since that …he has been doing a lot better…more active.. eating better and such things as that…because I told him I was not going and he ask why …when I told him why…he decided to perk up and behave…we had a long talk…he said he could do more but just didn’t bother…anyway I feel he will be ok I  will go…I am really glad because I really miss my family…everyone is up north…just me and dad here….and I really need to get that albatross of a house on the market! Well I better get busy…I want to flush the tanks one more time before I leave…so thanks for looking and come back soon

blessing G&M


  1. Love your beautiful curtains. And the picture of Maggie peeking out is priceless. I have to agree with you on your dad. I've found that since my dad moved out of his own home and is now with my brother that he doesn't do things for himself anymore and he doesn't feel as well as he did. I wish they had just left him and had someone come in for the few things he could not do. I fear he is going down hill fast because he isn't getting up or out or anything. Glad to hear you are going to live some of your own life now and move on North.

  2. Thanks Sherry encouraging for your words my dad is the same way...wont do it if someone else will......i hope to be gone for about 3-4 months...i feel so great right now knowing that i can go...i have really been down...doing good now tho...

  3. I can imagine you must have been down. You have a lot of life to live and being stuck 24/7 is definitely a downer. He'll do fine if he has to.