Sunday, October 24, 2010


FARM MARKET WINCHESTER VA PUMPKIN MAZE I am going to type in this space to see where it takes the letters. I would like to be able to type under or above the pic's that I post. So this is just a test to see what happens. VA Farm Market fun place to visit.



WEATHER: Temp 45 to 60's Typical fall temps.
This farm market is on in Winchester Va, on 522 south. I love stopping here in the fall, lots of fall deco and apples. I stopped here early in the morning on the way home. Didn't buy anything just walked around took some pic's. I love fall!!
Catch up, Been busy packing truck and trying to figure out what I can take this trip and what will have to wait. 8 days and counting! Most of what I have loaded now, 10 totes, is my craft stuff for my new hobby Altered Art. I plan on making some $$ this winter on the things I make, so need to get this stuff there. Speaking of AA, I was trying to decide what to do about a blog about it, think I will include this in my other blog it already has some of my art/craft projects on it, I think it will work out pretty good, if it doesn't I will start a new one. I have cant wait to get started on this, hobby I have ssoooooo many ideas ! I hope I can find some like minded peeps in Fl to share with.
Son came in last week and we got part of the truck packed, left to do yet, clean house up, gather up clothes, finish outside put away, and last min things. Does not look like much but believe me it is!.
Last post I told you about the full time RV couple, well looks like their daughter is going to make a book out of her blog, I think that is the greatest thing, Grandkids will love it, and future family members will be able to take a peek at what it was like in the life of their ancestors. I would love to be able to take a look at what my GGGGrandparents looked like and how they lived , even the day to day life I find so very interesting.
No cache today. But plan on doing some caching on my way to Florida. I had fun doing that on the way back from my DD's a couple weeks ago.
Well that's it for now thanks for visiting my blog.

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