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PAINT BOX WEATHER Temp 46 was to be at least 55 but never made it. Some rain , and cold. nasty day!

New blog. I am thinking on making another blog, like two is not enough. If any of you have read my other blog you will know that I have been a decorative painter since the mid 80's and did it for a living over 15 years. Well its time to change my direction, and think I have found my new hobby I say hobby cause now I'm retired, lol. Altered art is the name, but it comes in many forms, the one I want to do right now to start is collage. Early this summer as I was purging I ran across a couple of cork bulletin boards. And thought they would make great inspiration board that I had been reading about on a few blogs on altered art. So I put them aside and finally this week got around to playing with them. I will show you what I got done so far on my next post.

But for this post I want to show you what I did today. I have several old cigar boxes, don't ask me why, cause I don't know why, so I thought might like to start on one of these. This one is a paper covered wood box. I left the paper on as it would be to hard to remove, and just covered it over with some sheet music I got at a yard sale. Music is from a book late 1800's . I used mod podge for the glue. glued all sides with the sheet music inside. Named this box Lesson l . You can see it in the third pic, it came from the first lesson in the sheet music book. Then on the outside I mixed it up with a few different colors of paint.

This is all I got done so far, but I loved doing it and I will keep you posted on the progress, but I really think it will be on a totally new art blog.

We were going to do some caching today but nasty weather put a hold on that. So here is that cache I lost a couple weeks ago, he replaced it and we went back to claim it. It was really way to easy.

Another thing I did this weekend of playing around is some sketching. I was reading this one altered art blog about how she took an on line class on drawing faces. This on line class thing sound pretty cool to me and I checked a couple pic's she posted of her work. Well I have never ever before drew a face (maybe tried a santa face) and I never sketched before, only doodles.

Sooo while looking at her sketch from the class I tried it and low and behold I did it! And it look like a human face, on the prim side as I don't know alot about shading and a lot of other things.

So I have been sketching up a storm all weekend. I know one thing when I get a new puter I am going to take some online classes. I can't wait!!
All for today folks, thanks for visiting.

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