Tuesday, May 5, 2015


A couple weeks ago…

when I walked by this bush behind my rig…I made a little patio back there..anyway a bird flew out in front of me…so  I took a look ….in the bush…


seen a nest in there…so got my phone poked it in and this is what the pic showed…sweet little eggs …well I kept looking for the bird but a did not see her…not on the nest or flying out if I walked by it…I was bummed I figured that I scared her off…felt bad for the poor orphaned eggs…


Then I got to thinking maybe not my fault…maybe one of the neighborhood cats got the eggs…I can not see in the nest not even on tip toes…so I got phone out again and held it in the bush over the nest….and low and behold look what the pic was…Two more eggs!!  I have not seen the mama bird at all…I was wondering if because it was so hot here the last couple week she doesn’t have to sit on the nest so much??? any one know..??? ..I don’t even know what kind of bird it is…I don’t know my birds well enough to know let alone what the eggs are…


Well tonight after watching the news…took Maggie out …then did a few things in the rig before retiring there for the night…thought about the nest when I walked by…wondering if the eggs were gone or what …well poked my phone over the nest again..started laughing I was excited to see four wide and I mean wide open mouths waving back and forth…I took my pic and pulled out quick…and the little orange beaks popped right back down …all this time they never made a peep…surly this mama bird is busy feeding all those little hungry mouths…I think I might lay on the bed and lift up the blind and see if I can watch her…before I worried about eggs now I have babies to worry about…they are so so sweet!


And the rest of the story…

Most of the time I am wondering around getting the rig ready to roll …when the time comes …not sure when yet…I would like to go now…but cant yet…Getting Maggie her test for heart worms so I can get a 6 mo. supply of med…they need to get the test each year before they will give the meds…did spend last Sat at Wickham Park in the day use area…did some walking and people watching…had to get a new house  battery…so went out of the park at lunch time and checked at Auto Zone …I wanted a sealed  deep cell marine battery they had one but it was a year old…so they called the store over on beach side and they had new one dated March of 2015 …they would send it over but not until 6 pm…so said I would be back then…went and they put it in for me…nice sales people at this store…I wanted a sealed one because one it made me nervous to try and think if it needed water or not and two hated trying to remember to do it…it was a bit pricy but worth it to me…I think the old battery was over 7 years old…I will get a sealed one in the engine when the time comes…a few more things need to get check out on the rig before I leave so will be doing that soon…well that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M

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  1. It's always nice to witness the miracles of nature.
    Be Safe and enjoy!

    It's about time.