Saturday, May 16, 2015

A day trip…

Took a day trip….

to the campground for the monthly tank dump…got my fav go to spot for this was a beautiful day on the east coast of Central Florida yesterday...most of the day it was only 79 got to 83 but there was a great breeze blowing thru the rig...not quite a wind just a big breeze...did an early walk this AM and it was great..for some reason it is more enjoyable here at the campground than in the neighborhood...check out time is noon...we will be ready after dumping and flushing tanks .. but not happy to leave...if today is like yesterday I might just spend the afternoon in the day use



A little about the campground….

in May at the end of a very busy winter…this winter the cg was jam packed full all the time it was hard to get a spot even just to empty tanks…then in March they had the Run Away Country Music concert …then the Vets come for two weeks in April…now it is dead…


My site is at the beginning of the A loop..the pc above goes around to the back of my rig…all along the left side would be full of rigs in the winter months…there is a pond over there also…nice sites…the pic below goes in front of my rig and there is also a pond on the right with sites all along ….


My picnic table is located behind the rig…pic below is sitting looking across the road that is in above pic…in the busy time you would not have this view …there would me a rig parked there…if I were going to be here longer than over night I would ask them to move the picnic table to the front…


And the rest of the story….

We plan on leaving Florida on the 26th day after Memorial Day…trying to work things out with Soos so that we can caravan together at least to Winchester VA where I will be stopping of for a visit with DD and family…I really don’t have much to do got most done …just the last minute things…sure would be nice if the price of gas would go down again..I hope to have a great time this summer visiting with family…last year I did not get to see much of them…did not get to see my son’s kids at all…there will be very little working on the house…I do have papers in the attic from my business days that need destroyed….being that I spent the entire winter being sick…I am due for a break…like I said I really don’t want to leave here …but need to get Maggie dog food that is just up the road a bit…so might go there and to Publix then come back to the day use area…so thanks for looking and come back soon …...

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