Wednesday, March 26, 2014


When my electric step….

stopped working last year…I got this step stool thingy at Home Depot …the label said it would hold 300 lbs. well I am over wt. but no where 300…and after about a month or so it broke…the slot where you pick it up on the top cracked one day when I stepped down on it from the rig naturally it would be week there a slot in the middle of the step…give me a break…


then a few weeks later this back “brace thing” snapped…I was still able to use it but had to remember and be very carful…I spent many months looking for a new step…that did not cost an arm and a leg…I wanted at least a 2 stepper…


Then last week….

at a yard sale ( where else)…I found this very old step it did not look like this when I got it….I had a pic but it is lost somewhere in my puter…anyway it is from way back…I remember having one just like it when I was doing some remodeling work with a friend in the 80’s…this one was used evidently for the same thing as it had dry wall putty and a ton of paint on it …some was even all globed up on it…now this stool is very strong and sturdy…the construction looks the same but believe me it is much much stronger…not made with cheap plastic….


Any way I scrubbed it up a couple times even sanded it trying to get the globy paint down a little…it was mostly yellow so I just got a new spray can of yellow paint and used the whole thing on it….then painted the top step white with my acrylic craft paint (acrylic paint is really tough)…then painted on the sunflower…looked at for a few days…then thought of all the sun sets and sunrises I hope to see while traveling (when ever that happens)…so got out the orange and did the second step…then just did some doodling on the rest of it…who knows it still might get more doodles….any way I like it and I smile every time I open the door and step out of the rig…Smile


And just inside the…

lives this old whisk broom…I have a couple of these things…I like to keep this one on the bottom step beside the fire extinguisher …I use it to sweep the tons of sand that gets tracked in and to sweep of the little yellow step…it comes in handy ..when it is raining and wet …I will sweep of the bottom of my shoes with it before entering the rig….


And here is ….

another thing I need to do something with…its Maggie's box…all filled with “her stuff” except the bottle of sunscreen…she even has her rain slicker in there and a little Steeler coat she ware’s when it gets cold…what to do with it all…I want to get the basked off the floor and out of there…but want handy access to here leash and poopie bags and such…any ideas…what do you all do with puppy stuff to keep it handy??


And speaking of Maggie here she is sound a sleep in “her seat”…looks like she is going to fall off….think she would move over a bit…lol well that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon


blessings to all …G&M


  1. I like what you did with that yellow step! I have a small cabinet right at the top of my stairs. I keep the leash and box of bags right on top of it. Easy access.

  2. Your new stool is just darling with all your artistic changes!

    Katie's things are inside the closet, coats, extra poop bags, treats, etc., but her leash is always on a small hook that I stuck on the wall right inside the door. Very handy. :)