Saturday, March 1, 2014


Parked at …..
Linda and Sandy’s sisters from the WomenRV forum…Sarah is staying with them until they all leave for Rainbow Springs at the end of the week…they invited me to come and visit rig in the foreground and Sarah’s in the back of pic below….
100_7024 The woods out back that I have looking out my door…just like a ST. Park!
On the side is what looks like a Christmas tree farm…not sure will have to ask..
And the rest of the story…
I got here in the afternoon on Friday…beautiful day as the next five or so days are to also be…up to 80 by Sun. They have have some hook ups for RV’s so not totally boondocking…we just hung around yesterday Linda had to work and Sandy had some paper work to do…we ate dinner together except Linda worked late…then was an early night I was tired…Today Sat. not sure what will go on Soos is going to try and come over for awhile..and tonight we hope to check out  the Dark Sky Festival…I will get a link for that and post next or you can Google it…it has something to do with star gazing… and saving the night sky from the light pollution…they have speakers…set up telescopes and a bunch of other stuff happening…sounds interesting to me…So will let you know later what it was all about…thanks for looking and come back soon..
blessings to all G&M


  1. Beautiful location - I love having good views out my windows. That's one of the reasons I'm full-timing. There's no end to beautiful views! Have fun star gazing! :)