Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 When we stopped at my daughters in the way to PA, she said a could pick some of her hydrangeas to take with me. Look at the multitude of colors she has growing. The one in the middle is pale yellow and light blue.
These are a little larger than the other ones, these are a little older bush. I wanted to dry them but I found out you have to pick them later towards fall when the color fades some. Oh well I sure am enjoying these right now.

And here is some lavender that came from a bush that I have had since the 1970's. I don't think they are suppose to live that long. I use to get about 25-30 of these bunches each year, and when I had my store I would sell them. This is the only bunch I got this year. Lavender needs full sun all day and there is a tree that is shading it a bit and I think that is the problem. I laid it by my pink knock out roses to take this pic. Nature sure is beautiful !!
And here is Maggie girl , keeping watch over her territory. And boy does she do a good  job. I put out my bird feeder and now she has a chipmunk, squirrels, and birds to keep at bay.

Since I have been home, getting a lot done. First thing I did was spruce up the yard and front porch, got out lawn chairs etc, and pulled weeds. No rain so grass is not growing much, good thing because I need to get a new lawn mower. Last Friday was my birthday, and went fishing with my son all day. I will post about that adventure next time. Yesterday I stared in the guest bedroom and scrubbed all the wood work, to start painting it on Wed. This afternoon going to my son's for a cook out. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. I never could get any good color to my hydrangeas in New York. Those are gorgeous.