Friday, June 15, 2012


While we are here at my daughters Maggie and I camped in their travel trailer. Same as last year. I could get use to that camping real easy :) Maggie did not seem to mind either.
 Here she is....cutie pie sweet hart that she is !!! Daughter has a house full with wedding stuff happening , so we said we'll stay in the camper.
Yesterday we went over to the park area. This spot was located at the Shenandoah College.
A few years ago this little stream was a lot bigger and they held The All American Duck Race here. It was a lot of fun. You bought a little yellow duck for $5.00. Then they dumped in at the start and the first one across the finish line ..won a brand new car...I don't remember what kind but it was but it was a big deal...and I did not win it

Today we are going shopping I need a dress for the wedding. We looked a little yesterday no luck, need shoes also and that will be a problem I think. All for now thanks for looking come back soon

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