Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here is Maggie giving me the harry eye. I woke her up lol. She really is a good little traveler. Most of the time she would lay in her new fluffy bed between the seats.

MONDAY: we finally left around 10:30 am. Had to wait for ins. co. to call. Had some mischievous mischief done to my new van!!! Sun. afternoon someone shot the windshield with bb gun or pellet gun and I have 4 chips in the windshield. I could not believe it. Police said they would make a report but not likely they would find who did it. So we got started on our way dove 300 miles on Monday and stayed at a Motel 6 that night because of bad storms in the area. It seemed liked they followed me the whole way. Ate food that I brought with me. Richmondhill GA. first stop. Next stop Mayberry Campground in Mt.Airy NC.

,TUESDAY: Got up early and took a short walk around, we are used to walking a mile and half at 6:30 each day. Packed up and were off. Stopped at McD's for oatmeal a couple hrs into our travel day. Drove 382 miles to get here.

WED: Up early took a walked around the loops of the campground. Mayberry Campground. ;Left about 6:30 Got to my daughters about 1:00 pm. Drove 298. Had a great weather day today, all in all
was a good trip, van did good job. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

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