Tuesday, June 1, 2010




MICRO CACHE WEATHER: Rainy and storms last two days. Sat and Sun were great, but hot 87.
Well I was all ready by 7am on Sat morning. Expecting the crush like the last two yrs. But it never happened. I think it was because there were sooooo many yard sales for this weekend. On a busy weekend there would be normally 10 - 12 sales advertised in the local paper. This weekend there were 50 advertised! On Sun afternoon I was talking to a customer and telling her about this and she said, hey that was only half of them, there were so many not advertised she said they were all over the place. I did not make 1/10 th of what I should have. That means I have to work extra hard and do more sales and flea markets. I did sell a lot but they wanted it for practically nothing so the dollars did not add up fast. It was a lot of work, for very little $$ this time. Enough complaining on to the caching.
I did not do any caching this week or weekend, so here is one we found last weekend. It a micro on a stop sign. In the pic you can see how small it is beside my red ink pen. It was pretty obvious where it was as there was noting around but the stop sign. Found it really easy.
I got the stain/sealer for the front porch but with all the rain can not get it on. And it is suppose to rain most of the week, so I will be working on the inside of house. I think I will gather up and pack in totes everything that I think I want to take with me, get that out of the way and start tagging everything else for the tag sale. I still have all the bedrooms to paint, and finish up the bath tub repair, and flooring. Maybe Maggie and I will take a day off and do some caching this week, even if it's in the rain. We need a break!
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Happy Caching

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  1. Hope you have better luck with your next sale. :(