Wednesday, June 23, 2010







TEMP IN 80'S Hot and muggie with storms everyday almost

The first pic is of a Korean Dogwood tree I planted about 8 years ago. It was only about 4 foot high when I planted it. I think it is slow growing, but seems to have grown alot. In the spring and early summer it gets those white blossoms . Then in the fall it gets what I call red bead type berries on it. It really blooms 3 seasons. I think I like it more than the reg dogwood that only blooms once and for a short time. The white blooms are on the tree about 6 weeks.

Next two pic's are of the first butterflies I seen on my butterfly bushes this season. I was hanging up clothes and looked over and seen them, ran in to get camera to show you all. The bushes just started to bloom day before yesterday, they sure popped out ! The blooms on the bushes smell like honey to me, no wonder they like them, and also they attract humming birds.

We have been working for the last 2 weeks and got the garage done. I have some clean up to do in front before I post pic's, will do before and after. The before are really bad, I don't want to show them!

I have a lot more landscaping to do, but got that one little section done. I hung up the bird feeder so I could sit on my newly refinished porch and watch the birds. After reading Judy&Emma's blog and seen all her great pic's of birds, got me interesting in bird watching, so far I have seen just a few verities. Sparrow, blue jay, cardinal, and the robins but they don't use the feeder. Its fun to watch them, they must have a "pecking" order, they chase each other away from the feeder. Some of the sparrows get in there and bird seeds go flying everywhere, its a riot, then others go in and eat daintily no seeds flying at all.
The cache for today, I wanted the pic's to be in the middle of this post, after the text telling about the above. If any one can tell me how to do that, I would be grateful, or maybe with this template you can't do that. Well anyway this cache Maggie - the geo - hot dog and I found this one a few days ago. It is in the Shenango Dam area, and is just a short walk from parking lot. It was not to hard to find, it is sitting in the pic beside its hiding place. It's the same area where I saw the man hook a big cat fish, at least that's what it looked like from my view.
Well thats all for now
Happy Caching
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  1. I've got two suggestions for your issues with the pictures. First, I think you are using the old blogger editor. If you go to set up and search around you should see an option to use the new editor. That will enable you to insert pictures where you want them. (usually, Blogger still has glitches at times) I stumbled across the new editor last winter some time and switched.

    Second, you can download the free Windows Live Writer, write your blog post there with all kinds of picture options, and then send it to your Blogger blog. That is what I have used almost exclusively for the past two months or so.

    I think having the picture with the text is more reader friendly. :) Let me know if run into any problems.

    Happy to see there is another bird watcher in the making! :)

  2. Thanks for the info,Judy, I think I will try it.
    I am going to buy me a bird book!