Friday, January 1, 2016

A new year…...

Taking down the tree….

in the rig today…thought i would show it before i did…got this pretty white tree with light at after Cristmas sales last year at WM…had a Dollar Tree ponisetta bush picked off the blooms and put in the tree…next year i am going all aqua and white…if i still have this lemon rig i will change decor to the sea and call it the Rolling Sea Cottage…20151227_213023

Still having issues with Pheebe…hysterical barking at people i try to distract her but no go…even treats doesn’t do the trick…below is a pic of her with a sock…she loves socks clean or dirty….this one she grabed out of my shoe and took off for the bedroom…i went to check and see what she was doing and this is what i saw…she really is a sweet little dog…loveing and smart….


More  Pheebe her most favorite spot in the whole world …the bed…she is agile and with those long legs she flys right up on the bed….


GTG at Wickham Park Campground…..

Three of us Women RV Forum members had a mini GTG at Wickham mid Dec.CarolB , Margie and her hubby and me…  I know i am late with the blog about it….but hey better late than never… below our rigs Carolb and i shared a spot…20151208_125246

Below Margie and pup Annie …Me…and Carolb with two of her pups ….her other pup was haning out beside me…


We did not do much…just hung out and had a great 2 night visit…Margie brought her golf cart along and one night we road thru the main park to view the 3 million light show…if you were camped you could do the tour free…i did the walk thru last year and is a great Christmas light show….below queen Annie riding in her carriage …aka golf cart…i guess she considers this her very own GC…


More hanging out …l to r Margie , Roger and Carolb…


And the rest of the story….

I stil have more tales to tell of the Everglade and Big Cypress trip…and a few other things…like i have had camp driveway friends visiting…it has been a great Dec. for me…nice way to end the year…for me it was not a good one..thinking about my Maggie girl…so Dec was very good…i am headed to a GTG at Hardee Lakes mid Jan. i was there last year with the forum girls a the DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) had a good time …but i was still have major spine problems….but this year will be much better as back is much better…the only problem i can see is Pheebe..not being sociable…so i will be busy getting the rig ready to roll…when Carolb came in Dec to supprise me …i figured out my rig was not ready to roll for a fun time on short notice…so i want to change that..i mentioned about it being a lemon…well some time i will tell you about how this  very naive newbe got taken 3 years ago….someday i will blog about it…Making sauerkraut and pork roast for NY dinner a  PA tradition…watching some football and  parades willl fill my day…So wishing you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR…. thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings GM&P


  1. Happy New Year! Sorry your new pup is such a barker. I have to tell you, my Katie is the same. She is almost 10 y.o., and still barks a lot - even if someone is off in the distance walking along. I've tried everything I can think of, and nothing has worked. She was also not socialized when we started full-timing. Not her fault, she just wasn't around dogs before and was afraid. She is so much better now, unless a dog is charging her, she's usually fine. Those things bother me about Katie, but she has SO MANY good qualities, I'd never trade her in, for sure! It might take some time for Pheebe.

    I used to have a dog that liked socks. I took a pair of my USED socks, tied them in a tight knot, and gave them to her. She now had a great chew/play toy, and she didn't bother my socks anymore. Worth a try? Pheebe is such a cutie pie! :)

  2. YUM, sauerkraut and pork!! Ask around for some advice on socializing Pheebe. I know there are people trained in how to do that and deal with the barking thing. Hope it works out for you two.