Sunday, December 27, 2015

My big news….

The big news…

this little girl in the pic…her name is Pheebe a long hair Chihuahua mix..7 1/2 lbs…long legs for a Chihuahua not sure what she is mixed with….


Her name was Diva …but i changed it…i copied this from FB i posted…

Well better llate than never...i know some people from PA wanted to know how Pheebe come about ....So i will try and make this not so long...Carolb and I went "window" shopping Brevard County Sheriff's Office Animal Services....well we spent almost an hr. there looking and feed treats to the doggies...they did not have many small dogs and most of them you had to wait until their week was up...a lot of their dogs are strays so they have to keep them at least a week...soooo as we... were leaving Carol with the super eyes caught sight of a worker with a little bit of brown in her arms...we took a look and stopped her to ask about this little thing that was shaking like a seems that her and her brother Charlie was surrender by their elderly person they being puppies she could not handle Charlie being a social bug was adopted right away and the little girl Pheebe shy and afraid was soon sent out as a PJ dog...could be returned if I doesn't work out...her new foster had a black lab ...and it didn't work out so the very min. that we were walking out she was carried in... we ask to socialize with we were take to a small barren room to get to know her...she was so very scared of everything that had been happening to her and the over whelming noise of about 60 other large dogs barking like crazy...and all the people when the worker put her down she curled up in a little ball against the wall shaking so much the room might start to vibrate...and if you would even stand near her she would snarl and growl ..I got down on the floor and tried to offer my hand and she just barred her teeth and growled more...but when I first saw her with the worker I offered my hand and she put her little paw on anyway we ask if we could go out side where there was less noise and no other the worker after some time was able to pick her up and we went out...I ask her to just hand the puppy to me and not put her I walked away in the grassy area with her in the and after a few min. of holding her and talking she stopped shaking and seem a little more at ease...we got all the info on her and sat out side with her and the worker...I can say that she didn't jumped out at me but by then I knew I could not leave her in that environment for her to shake , shiver and be so very frightened .... and being that she was a owner surrendered puppy she could be taken that very min. and not have to wait a I filled out the paper work and we were connected a forever family... along with Maggie in our hearts and minds eye...another good thing... is that Hiers Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership where paying all adoptions fees for the first 200 dogs adopted during the month of Dec. that is why they were so busy... I paid not a thing for this little Diva! Well that's our story...and I have one other piece of news but that will have to wait for a bit yet...i will post more later about new family member…She is Maggies baby sister and Maggies is in our heart and minds eye as we go along….i have to tell you that she bonded with me right away …she sticks to me like glue…



Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon …blessigs GM&P


  1. Glad to read that you have opened your heart up to a new best friend and that you helped take the fear of uncertainty out of her life.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Pheebe is just darling - and what luck for both of you. I've always adopted rescues, it makes me feel like I'm saving the dog as well as getting a wonderful pet and companion. I hope Pheebe turns out to be a super good girl for you. A great way to start the new year. :)

  3. I think it is just wonderful that you have given Pheebe a new secure home in your life. You have such love to give and I know she will be forever grateful.

  4. I'm so happy for you. She is precious.

  5. Beautiful little dog. I just know her anxiety will improve in your tender care.