Saturday, January 2, 2016


We left the….

the Everglades and motored on to The Big Cypress National Preserver…we only passed thru this area ….but there was enough to see that i want to go back…


We stopped at the visitors center to check things out …. again this was just a pass thru and I  want to go back…we got our passports stamped and just a quick look see…then on the boardwalk out side  the VS….

20151121_123134Me on the board walk

The whole way across on rt 41 there is a canal that runs along side…around 15 ft or so wide…i was busy driving at a slow speed trying to see all the wild life along it…mostly birds…also there were people stopped along side the road fishing…on our way out of the VS the man said to us be sure and check out the alligators ….not sure of what he was talking about …we did see a boardwalk and some people up ahead…so figured we would check it out…pic below is Carol checking out the alligators….we seen what he was talking about….

20151121_123605The canal along the road with gators

While we were checking things out we saw the gators…really cool..there were about 8 hanging around this area…we wondered why went all of a sudden they went on a feeding frenzy…some people had thrown a bunch of hamburger buns in the water…i clicked on my camera and started to video the tharshing aournd ….it was pretty spectacular even if was only over buns…i can not get the video here …but i will keep trying…not sure it is wise to feed the gators…but people must do it often because they were hanging like the knew food was coming…

20151121_123826He looks a little menacing doesn’t he…

Below pic of another gator swimming around…let me tell ya these were not little gators …


We called this guy “camo gator” he just seemed to hang aournd with this branch over is nose….

20151121_123836The “camo gator”

This guy was pretty brave to be looking for lunch so close to this gator!…We watched for awhile but the gator ignored the bird…I seen other neet birds and took pic’s and for some unknow reason…(i don’t think ahead sometimes) i deleted them from my phone…i don’t think at all sometimes….

20151121_123425A brave Egret

The rest of the story…..

This was a whirlwind trip and I did not get to see and do ….so i really want to go back …and after reading about Shark Valley on Sherry’s blog i want to go there also…We left the  preserve thought we might go over and spend the night at Hardee Lakes before parting ways…but we were to tired and just found a WM to boondock at…..Pheebe is now decided she does not like cars and is going ballistic when one goes by…this last 3 weeks i would take her to the side of the road in the grass and say wait for the car…never a problem she would wait…now forget it. Well i wish i had more to say about the Preserve because it looks like a great place to visit…but like i said it was a quick trip…so  all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessing GM&P


  1. Im thinking of making a trip there middle of January how is the weather is it humid I camp in my van I do have fans but prefer primitive camping if possible, and how about mosquitoes are they around?

  2. Boy it is a good thing those people feeding the alligators didn't have a ranger see them. That's illegal and there is a fine. I would definitely have told the rangers if I had seen them do it. It's amazing that more people aren't attacked by alligators when stupid people do this kind of stuff. But I guess you can't fix stupid. We were there twice just this past week and didn't see anything like that. Sorry you didn't stop into Midway campground and say hi. Thanks so much for your comments. I look forward to them.

  3. Sondra.. the mosquitoes were really really bad but remember this was mid December by now maybe they are better because of more winter time I don't know for sure..

    1. Thanks for the reply I had planned to go to the Everglades and Big Cypress in about 2 weeks....but If its too warm wont be able to stand it without opening the windows and then the mosquitoes may get me. May have to wait till first part of Feb.

  4. Sherry... we were there mid December I don't think you were there yet I did see the Midway campground when I passed it and would like to go there investigate more at Big Cypress... I did not realize there was it legal to feed the alligators or I might have just gone back in there and told those Rangers in the VC... next time I'll know better