Sunday, January 31, 2016

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about my trip to Hardee Lakes…as i forgot my charger for my lap top..and i had such good intentions to keep up my blog with our daily adventrures…Last year master fire starter Soos showed me how to start a camp fire…looking at this fire…i think i learned well…that baby was big!!! one thing i found out that pine cones make great starters with your kindling built around them…something nice this year the rangers brought us a load of fire wood each day…and the camp host  George gave me some logs the first day…i dont think they did that for everyone…they just liked us girls …they all remembered from last year…


One day at lunch i invited everyone to come over for a “snack & yak” lunch…everyone brought a snack and we did some yakking…pic below…of course we had to dress for snow and sit in the sun…


And one night i learned a new card game…Foot & Hand… or is it Hand & Food…or maybe hoof & mouth…lol…i love it and i am addicted to it…but need at least 2 people to play…so i have to wait untill  GTG to play…as you can see this hand everyone had their cards on the table but me….lol…



With it being so cold every morning we did not get together to socialize until around noon or after…Margie wanted to do a pan cake breakfast but was to cold to cook and be out side for breakfast..we could not do inside because for one reason or another we could not use our rigs….maybe next month she can have one..i love her  pan cake breakfast …one year at Hillsbourgh GTG we also had Mimosas …mmmmm that was good the first & only one i have ever had…would like more but dont want to drink those alone…lol…way too good..below is Pheebe doing some socializing …she was wanting to play with Margie’s  new little long hair Chihuahua Maggie…Named after my little Papillon Princess Maggie who is now at the Rainbow Bridge as many of you know…it made me so happy when she ask if it would be ok to name the new little one after her…this little Maggie is two years old and cute as a button..she is so tiny only about 4lbs…Pheebe is 7lbs…an;yway i was really happy that Pheebes wanted to play with another dog…she really did well with the little dogs…


Took a break from playing cards on the night of the full moon and see it coming up over the lake with the reflection on the water.. so had to run out and take a pic…i know it is a little grainy was taken with my phone and it was almost dark…i am going to get a new camera soon…


And the rest of the story….

I do have some other news that i have been hanging onto for awhile…waiting to see what would happen….so i think now i can tell it…i had an offer on my house in PA a couple months ago and now it is far enough along i will announce it now…i signed the contract via email…the Boro did a sewer test and it passed…and the deed search was ok…so last i heard  my lady real estate told me they would like a closing the end of Feb…this is why i will be able to buy and new camera…SmileSmileSmiletalked to my son a couple days ago and he will be getting all that is left out of the shed and garage…and that will be it…this is such a relief to me you cant imagine…my stress level will now be below my eyes instead of over my head…lol…so thats it for now ….thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings GM&P


  1. Glad to hear you have a buyer for the house.

  2. Great news on your house. And you already have a home....with no worries there.

  3. What a great newsy post. First off, CONGRATULATIONS on the house. What a relief I can hear in your voice. Secondly, that's a very nice fire and free firewood is pretty sweet. Glad to hear that Pheebe is making friends and having a good time too. You sure look like you are. I'd like to learn to play that game whatever its name is. I've heard other people talk about it.