Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I think this will…..

pretty much sum up my trip to the GTG..this was the first day (pix below) left to right my sis Nancy..Cathy (Barbie’s friend) and Barbie..they were there only for an afternoon…it was nice meeting them…esp. Barbie more forum member to check of my list…!! Hope she will be able to join in some GTG’s soon…


And this was….

Mine and Nancy’s last pot luck…we all went to Sarah’s site…right to left Carol, Sarah, siting Nan, and Sandy…you notice that Nan is not eating…some girls went to the wine tasting again then to Fred’s buffet …so they were shall we say stuffed…


More at Sarah’s from the back this time….lol..


There might be some more pix on my camera but I have not check them yet….so a few more might show up….I am so far behind on my blog its not funny…so much going on with my sister visiting and everything else…I am to tired at night to post and to busy during the day to post…not sure how I will get caught up but I will soon…I am sure it will not be in right order of what and when…I did go to the court house and will not have jury duty for that is off my back for a few months so this is it for now be back soon …thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M

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