Friday, February 14, 2014


I did some cleaning the other…

day…I could not put off any longer…have not cleaned the outside of my rig since I left PA…did it just before…the awnings were both a moldy got the ladders out and went to work…

2014-02-03_12-58-50_9I could not figure out what to use on them…so ended up using Clorox Clean Up….and it worked great…forgot before pix but you can see in this pix how clean it got…I am happy with it…


Next I moved on to the tires…ever since I lost the two back hubcaps I have been fussing over the mess the wheels looked with out them…and right now to get the right ones from Chevy …well it is not in my budget…so found my self some degreaser and went to work on them…here is a almost before pix…I just started on the second one when I realized no before pix was taken…but this can show how black and greasy they were…


And when I got finished with it…I was very pleased with the results of this project also…as you can see in the after pix below….


Take a look at this moldy mess also…ugly..before pix…


This was a problem getting clean…I finally used the Clorox on it also…but had to be very careful about not getting it on the body of the rig..not wanting to remove any more of the wax finish on it…so that work to a point…but would not take it all off…so got the idea from my sister to use MrClean Magic Eraser…that worked but a whole lot of hard will work on that part little bit at a time…I was also wondering if that strip could be replaced…


looks pretty good all cleaned up


So got it all spiffed up just so it can rain on it! But it needed it…Today my sis is leaving for parts north…looks like weather will hold until she gets there…then Sat. another snow storm is headed her way…I will be spending more time at Wickham Park with Sarah and MM and who ever else stops by…it has been a whirl wind 3 weeks with my sister here…I need a rest LoL..So this is it for now..thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

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