Monday, February 17, 2014


I was reading….
Barbara’s blog the other day and she had added some of these storage drawers to her RV…So I thought I might show you some photo’s of the ones I have and use…the one below is in the bedroom and I use it for undies,rolled up T-shirts, etc….this is a five drawer one with wheels….but they are not on at this time
The one below is a three drawer wheeled.. and holds my jewelry making stuff…it rides here bunged to the oven while traveling…then is moved to beside the dinette seat when the slide is out….
And this small three drawer unit sits on the bench beside me….this seat is mine and the other one is Maggie’s seat …and she really does not like others sitting in it…lol… this one I keep desk stuff in the top drawer and crafty stuff in the other two…about these drawers…how I came about getting them…I was wanting them for my art/craft room …and every time I went to a yard sale I would run into one…for $2 or less..and they all were in great shape…I brought them home scrubbed and hosed them off and they were ready to go…I got a total of 9 of them that year…I could not believe how many I was able to score….and now I hardly ever see them..let alone so cheap….
And on another mod note…
Here is another thing I made the other day…when I was a young girl…long time ago…I was in the Girl Scouts..a Brownie…I remember making something called a sit-apon not sure of spelling all these years later…anyway while camping and visiting at campgrounds I often find the picnic table seats wet…so I had this felt backed table cloth…and thought it would make a perfect sit-a-poon…so I made a couple also using white duct tape..they work great…I have more table cloth left so will make more….I folded the table cloth so they are double sided ..
The rest of today’s story…
Today Sunday…decided to say at the house today and get more things done…did 5 loads of laundry and cleaned up some yesterday..put roast in crock pot…and trimmed up a hedge along the side yard this morning …think I will play with some crafty stuff the rest of the day… so no more work …talked to my sister and she had some bad luck when she got home…she fell and pulled tendon in here knee and broke her shoulder…she doesn’t have to go the surg. routine just let everything heal on its own…if knee bothers her to much down the road…she might have surg. on it then…sending prayers her way…we have had some cool nights here but beautiful sunny warm days…the best weather ever…well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings to all G&M

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I have two of those smaller 3-drawer storage containers in my closet - they keep a multitude of clothes and things together. I paid full price, though, and they are not cheap. Lucky you! I never thought about check out yard sales.

    Your poor sister, that doesn't sound good. I hope she is feeling better and will heal without the need for surgery. Good wishes going her way.

    I like your sit-upons. Great idea! :)