Saturday, February 15, 2014


On one of the two…
nice days we had at Hillsborough GTG…Soos and I went on a hike on one of the cool trails there…
At some points along the trail they had board walks over the more swampy areas….
After reading great blogs like Liz’s with all the wonderful photos …I have been trying to look at things like nature with a different eye…loved the moss and roots of this tree…
So while walking this trail with Soos I tried to capture some of the things I saw…look at the tiny ferns growing on this mossy tree….
And seen this downed mossy tree with green moss and a large fungi growing there…it truly was beautiful …but with my cheap-o camera I can not get the true beauty of it….this pix seems a little blurry..bummer…
And on another downed log…I found this orange/pumpkin colored moss…or is it called algae ….
And found this really neat Keebler tree…( a Keebler tree is an old interesting tree with nooks and crannies where elves live… Winking smile
I really liked these exposed roots along the river…
Anyway I am trying to look at things in a new light…a new way of looking at life…took my sis to the airport yesterday..sad to see her leave….also got my jury duty deferred until I can see a doctor and get excuse…there is no way I can sit for more than 20 or 30 min at a time…need some other medical stuff done so guess it is time to find a doc…also going to change my eating habits…maybe if I announce it here I can do a better job than what I have been doing…I really would love to go Vegan…have been researching about better nutrition and eating healthy…I feel at my age I need to do this…get Cholesterol, HDL and LDL where they should be…Got my hair cut…thought I could go with long hair…NOT…made me look l like an old hag…so off it came….A little front coming thru thus AM and then back to some sun shine….may take the RV and go over to Wickham …that is when the laundry is all done…thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings to all G&M

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  1. I'll tell you, I've never noticed things like this before, either. Once I started my blog, I needed things to blog ABOUT - and I wanted photos, too, of course. Slowly I began to see all kinds of things I'd never noticed before. It kind of opens our eyes and minds to a whole new world.

    I love your tree photos and all the others, too! Thanks for sharing them. :)