Thursday, January 30, 2014


Some supplies needed….

replenished so a shopping trip was organized,and away we went Nan and Soos driving….We stopped at this farmers market stand…it was a big stand….


Soos, Carol and Sarah headed on in…..


Beautiful ornamental cabbages were on both sides of the entrance…I love these plants…they are really a nice diversion up north (where I come from) in the winter..apposed to the stark winter landscape…


While walking around seen this cute little “Herbie Tractor” my name for it… Looked like you could have a few herbs and have a mini garden…


Very colorful fruits and vegie’s at this market..a bunch of different peppers here….


I loved these stacks of bell peppers…I thought maybe if I took one they would all tumble to the floor…. “CLEAN UP ON ISLE 4”


And who but me….

could find one of these while camping in the wild woods of a State Park….


and then I heard whispers of a “recipe” and”secret ingredients” that might be found it the store pictured below…hmmmm that sounds interesting….since I like the Champaign breakfast the other day….we will see….Smile 


I had a good time shopping with the gang…I usually go alone so this was really fun..also while we were at Winndixie Nan was in front of me at the check out and …all of a sudden I heard the word “cabana boy” mentioned or maybe I mentioned it …because I seen and heard all this bantering going on with the cute check out fellow…was wondering if another CB might be showing up…..she did admit she was flirting a little….so girls don’t be surprised at anything or anyone that comes out of that big brown bus….!!! It has not been the greatest weather wise…cold and rainy yesterday and last night …right now it is not much better …but it is on the up side…we didn’t even have a pot luck yesterday…it was a eat at home time…way to cold either in the Party Pavilion or someone’s site…So this is it for not thanks for looking and come back soon…

blessings to all G&M

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