Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Melbourne FL…High 68 … Low 33…brrrr

Sooooo…. my announcement is…

You remember on my last post…the word “GREAT”….well that is the operative word…I am going to be a GREAT Grandma in July!!! This pix was posted on FB last week by my GS and his wife…they are avid sports people mainly Steelers and Penguins hence the ice skates Jackie was born in 1988 Dustin was born in 1986 and new one in 2014 …how sweet is this….today my hair was long enough to put in pig tails…a Great Grandma in pig tails….lol…Happy hearts flying around Florida!!!!!


The rest of the story….

is about my computer dying…what happened was this…it seams like cheap solder was used on the processor and over time with heat it melted and killed the processor.. (got this info from a Rep from HP at Best Buy)…so it was cheaper to buy new computer…the one I got has a new thing that is an auto cooling component and I have notice it works great the puter does not get hot…It has been trial and error with the new windows 8.1 for me…I  lost Live Writer  and all my pix  Sad smile…so right now I don’t have many pix for posting…They want $149 to retrieve my pix & my documents… I really a hard time downloading the Live Writer..every time I tried it …I would get a message that I had an updated Windows Essentials  I looked and I did have an up dated one but the LW was not part of it on my puter…so after looking more at the down load I seen you could down load just part of it…and one of those two items was LW…so did that and got it…but I used up all my GB’s doing all this…so now have to look for free wifi… I think I have a good deal of Windows 8,1 conquered at least enough to use it… Not much camping going on either…I will go over to Wickham I think on Thrus. it will be warm again to dump my tanks….then at the end of the month will be picking up my sister at Orlando Airport….she is planning staying for 3 weeks…couple days after she gets here we will be headed to Hillsbourgh State park…for a week with the Women RV gang…we went last year and had a blast…Not sure when this will get posted…I have to find some free wifi…or wait until the 12th when mine comes back in… So thanks for looking and come back soon…

blessings to all G&M

Made it to Publix  to post!

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  1. Congratulations! What a cute way to announce the July event.... best wishes to all!