Friday, January 10, 2014


Maggie's day….
This was a very rainy day…Harley dog gave Maggie a yellow rain slicker…you know the kind…. all us oldies wore back in the day…anyway she was not to sure about this slicker…as you can tell by her ears pointing back and tail hanging down…she usually does not care what I put on her…but not so sure this time…so pathetic looking….lol…
Then after walking a few feet she was ok with it…guess she figured it was not going to eat her…
Not only was it raining but the wind was blowing up a storm…at some points her tail was blowing totally side ways…the slicker has a cute little hat that goes with it but her ears are to big….
Maggie on Christmas day….I got her and Joey a Christmas present bag…A ball, a home made doggie cookie…and a little plastic dog bone thingy with poopie bags in it ..that attaches to the walking leash…Joey is my DD dog…
When Maggie wants to play ball she will grab a ball and come over to where ever I am drop it and sit and stair at me…until I play with her…here is one of those times…stair….
I am over at Wickham park …spent the night so I could empty my tanks…just an over night’er…Last night my neighbors lost their kitty..she slipped her harness and ran off….I helped them look for her…Maggie and I walked in the woods behind the RV…all the while I was calling here kitty,kitty,kitty…Maggie was going bonkers looking for this illusive kitty I was calling…she knows what a kitty is and really wants to get up and close with one…it stopped raining so maybe we will go for a walk before check out time…not sure what I will be doing the rest of the day…anyway thanks for looking and come back soon ..blessings to all G&M

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  1. Maggie looks darling in her little slicker! Katie has a raincoat, too, but thankfully she doesn't have to wear it too often. :)

    Katie does the same thing with the stare - but sometimes I have no idea what she wants. She has food and water, was just out to go potty and poop, had her walk, etc. So frustrating - sometimes I just can't figure it out, and tell her to go lay down. Then I remember - she wants her treat that I forgot to give her after our walk. LOL They never forget the TREAT!