Saturday, December 21, 2013


Melbourne FL…First day of winter in paradise= High 80 Low 71
I got busy this week and made a couple batches of these cookies…I have made these for my children and grandchildren for years…it is something of a tradition…and now have to make a couple batches so everyone gets some….
Tried something different…
this year…and it did not go over so well…lol…sent out my son and his family their package…then yesterday got a call from son telling me they got the package…and then informed me that I should not mess with his cookies again! It seem that he did not like the peppermint  candy cane kisses that I used on a few of them….
And now to the Mods…
after many, many, to many…knee and back breaking ball retrievals I had enough…so off to Home Depot…I went…Maggie girl loves to play ball in the RV and her balls (for her little mouth) were just the right size to roll under the slide out…so after awhile I noticed she would deliberately roll them under there just to have me retrieve them for her and throw them back the hall…a fun game for her ..not so much for me!!!
So at  Home Depot I got a 2x2 furring strip..had them cut it to 6 1/2 feet,,,then home I went got out my tools and started my project…furring strips are rough and have a lot of potential splinters…so go out my laminate router have had it for 20 years or better …it is one of the few tools I have not gotten rid of…any way routed all edges and then hand sanded it until it was pretty smooth…
When I measured for this project it look like it would fit perfect…and when I got it out to the RV and tried it out…was a nice snug fit…so when I was thinking about the routing it  on edges…I wondered if it would still be a nice snug fit…well I went ahead and did it any way and ..yep it was no longer a nice snug fit…so I put some velcro on the ends and it is now attached to the floor and does not move…I still need to stain it…but it works great!!! And I do have a note at the slide button to remove it before sliding out…
And the rest of the story….
To day I am going over to Wickham CG and spend the night…need to empty tanks…and Miss Mermaid said something about some sewing projects…if it is nice out and it sure is going to be a beautiful day…so  need to get ready to hit the road…thanks for looking and come back soon …blessing to all G&M


  1. Great idea on the ball/slideout problem - you gotta love a woman with tools! It looks good, too. :)

  2. Whether it's a dog or a cat they play the same game. It is like they are teaching us a new trick.
    Good job at fixing the problem. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. All the cookies look good. Smart mod; now your dog will have to train you to do another trick for her. Have fun with Miss Mermaid.