Monday, December 16, 2013


Melbourne FL…. High 68 Low 48
On my walk around the park
here are some of the Florida floral and fauna that Maggie and I seen…this is the pond that we park by a lot when we are at the day use part of the park…not the campgrounds…but on the way to the camp grounds…
More of the same pond… there was a lady came by and threw a lot of bread at the edge and in the pond…(not sure that was a good idea) anyway…she attracted birds galore…and I was trying to get some pix of them…but those pix are for another blog…but a few birds in the pix above…
In this part of the park there are no marked trails…just open wooded areas…this bridge is not on a trail but put where you can cross over the creek…
Looking down the creek… I did not see any fish , bugs , frogs in the creek…maybe they just don’t hang around the bridge area….
Looking up the creek from the bridge..I was trying to figure out where the creek came from and where it went…I think it just flows between two ponds…but next walk that way I am going follow it and find out…
The rest of the story…
Not much going on as usual…anything of interest that is…doing some cleaning for DD and SIL that will be here over Christmas day…we had a bunch of rain today (Sun)…now for a cool down…laundry and football day today…my Fantasy Football…I did not win any $$ but did  come in third …so for a rookie grammy was good to me…congrats to Judy (blog bird lady) she won playing FF on her son’s league….link to Judy’s blog …. I don’t know how to do a blog roll so hence the link….all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M   


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