Wednesday, December 11, 2013


This is the first pelican I have seen at the Home Park since I got back in Sept…A Brown Pelican …I think…
This Great Egret seems to be a permanent resident at the Home Park I see him every time I go there.
Friends at the beach…I met them the other day while walking at the dog beach with Maggie….
I seen this Great Blue Heron fishing while I was on one of my kayaking trips…I think this one was on the Silver Springs River…in Oct.
And again at the Home Park there are these Wood Storks…there are anywhere between 3  to 9 of then hanging around waiting on a hand out from the fisher people…mostly those with casting nets getting mullet for their bait fish…
My first ever in flight picture of a flying bird….taken the other day at the Home Park….
Close up of one Wood Stork…
Great Blue Heron fishing  at the Home Park…there are 2 of these that hang around all the time…a third was there the other day and there was some chasing around the park of Herons  …guess he was a intruder …I wonder if my family in PA are impressed with my bird watching and with all the new birds I have been seeing…
Really not much going on for me right now…made cookies and sent to son’s family …spent a couple days at Wickham …waiting for it to stop raining for a day or two so I can work on my leak…My daughter and hubby are coming for Christmas…they will be here only over night and then they want to go to the west coast of Fl and explore some…I might take the rig and go with them…they only have 10 days and have a lot of driving to do…that’s it for today thanks for  looking and come back soon
blessings to all  ….G&M


  1. That last pic is of a little blue heron, so you can add another species to your bird list. :)

  2. Great bird pictures. I know how you feel, I love seeing and getting good photos of new birds. I love the really pretty water birds, which are my favorites, and I like seeing them over and over again. Of course, the Roadrunners are my all-time favorite. I'm sure your family's impressed, I sure am! :)

  3. Barbara... if you could only see the camera I use you would be really the birds I see here in Florida are so different from the ones in Pennsylvania... hope the members of my family are enjoying the pictures....

  4. Nice post. Grab that RV and go. DD and SIL can stay with you and you get to see some more of Florida.