Monday, March 21, 2011


SUNRISE AT THE PARK : Got this great pic the other morning in the park. We got there before sunrise and I also remembered to take my camera. Not sure what the bird is (maybe Judy knows) but even with Mr. cheapo I think I got a pretty good shot. Seen 6 squirrels hanging on a palm tree trunk teasing Maggie, I tried but could not get a shot of them. It was so funny seeing them up side down look and chattering at her. Maggie is trying to make a few doggie friends but she is still nervous about it. CACHING BUDDIES: My new caching buddies looking over a cache we had just found. We went out on sat morning and spent the day caching and had a lunch picnic. I wont tell you were we went as I don't want to give anything away. I really don't think you could figure out anything with these pic's anyway. I had a great time, poor Maggie had to stay home. Just too hot for her. I found 8 or 9 and they found a few more than I did because I had already found them.


NOW HOW CUTE IS THAT! This cache was just so sweet, game me a few ideas on hiding a cache. I would love to hide a few, but will have to wait until fall when I come back to Fl. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA: Temps in the 80's and lows in 50's. Mostly sunny today another wonderful day.

Most of the day spent with house work, getting company tomorrow, for a day of art projects. You can read about it on my other blog on wed.

Planted a bush this am. will take pic later and show you.

Congrats to son having birthday on Sat. and he got a job at Home Depot. Way to go!

Seen the super moon the other night, Mr cheapo couldn't get the job done so no good pic. I think I must have seen the super moon back in the 90's (but didn't know what it was ) cause I remember one night coming home and looking up the street and thru the houses and seen this HUGE orange ball of a moon. I was fascinated by it, looked as if I could reach right out and touche it, that's how big it was. It was a sight that I will never forget. This one did not look that big, at least not where I was looking.

Spring is here hope you folks up north are having better weather. My neighbor is on face book and she sent me a message how awful the winter has been. Neighbor would be Lexi and Milo's mama (Maggie's friends).

All for now thanks for looking stop back soon



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