Saturday, March 26, 2011


MR HECKER-WINEY'S FINDING A CACHE: This was along the way but not part of the Geo-opoly series.
THE H-W GEO-MOBILE: Very cool geo-mobile! It is a Travel Bug also. You can see it just about the tail lite, that is above the plate.

MY FIRST TO FIND! Yeah!!! Me holding my FTF (First To Find) empty log waiting for us to sign. Mrs H-W got a phone message while we were lunching at Burger King. Said a new cache just went on line, and we were close, so the rest is history. We got it! There is Mr. H-W behind the bush....sorry Mike!

FIST TO FIND FOR H-W'S ALSO: Mrs. H-W holding the empty log.....yeah we are the FTF (First To Find) There is Mr. H-W behind the bush again! This would be their 3rd FTF.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA : In high 80's all weekend with wall to wall sun shine!
To be 90 SunDAY. Spring is here!
Hope my peeps up north are having some spring type weather too.
I had a great day of Geocaching with my caching buddies the Hecker-Winey's (geo name) aka Cindy & Mike. Started out that Cindy and I were going to go , but then Mike got a day off work and so he came along too. It was a good thing as where we had picked to go , was not a place to go alone or maybe two geo-girls not to go alone. At least these two Chic-en's lol. It is a desolate wasteland that at one time was to be a housing development. A few years back, this entire area was cleared, leveled, and roads were paved. But, due to corruption and economic woes, the area tanked and is now a desolate wasteland. So it is now the Geo-opoly Series.....a series styled in the fashion of a VERY popular board game that has been around since 1935!! The caches are the game board streets and railroads, place all over this area. What a fun time we had , we only found 7 of the caches this first day out. But we will be back, only ,with Mike in tow.:)
It is so much more fun when you have geo-buddies to cache with!!
Today Sat. went to a few yard sales dad bought this oven thingy he thinks he needs! Not! he got some kind a oven RonCo thingy last time we went, has yet to be used, is in the closet. I got some old pic's around 1902 some a little earlier, for my altered art projects.
You can see what I have been doing with the altered vintage post cards on my other blog ...go check it out and sign up for my first give away. Just click on the link below.
Well thats all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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