Thursday, March 3, 2011


HERB GARDEN: I planted a few more herbs now that spring is here in Florida! The bird houses are going to be hung on the old orange tree stump later. I have some black wrought iron hooks back in PA and will be bringing them back in the fall. I have been looking all over for some chives, and can not find them anywhere. They have onion chives here but not chives. I want the regular chives. So I planted some seeds yesterday, That is what you see in the bottom corner of the pic. Incubating some seeds lol! Hope they take.
BIRD BATH: Yesterday I was working in the yard, and cleaned out this old bird bath It is old, cement, and heavy. It use to be planted with some flowers, dad took them out last year, and that's as far as it got. So I cleaned it up some what,(has some nice patina to it) and filled it with water to see what would happen. Well you know from the last post that the robin migration has invaded our area and as soon as I walked away it was swamped with robins. It was amazing! All day long they were all over that bird bath, now remember there are hundreds of robins here right now. It holds about 5 gal of water and I filled it 3 times today. Unbelievable !! It was fun to watch them seems there is a pecking order and you can not go out of order to drink you had to wait your turn, mostly on the fence . I enjoyed watching them. Those white lawn chairs were covered with bird poo and I scrubbed them twice before I decided to move them. Duh!
CLOSE UP OF ROBINS: This is a close up the best I could do with my cheapo camera. You can see the blurs those are birds arriving trying to find a spot. lol! There is a cute "The End" bird pic for you Judy right in front! Saw lot of that today, was funny looking when 5 or 6 were mooning me! I tried but could not get a pic of them.


BLACK BIRDS: Along with the robins are flocks of small black birds, I don't know what they are.
But they seem to be afraid of the robins. Today every once in awhile one would sneak in and try and get a drink with the robins and they would chase him off. Finally about 4 PM the robins started moving on and the black birds flew up to get a drink , even then the few robins still hanging around chased them off. I was able to get this one pic of the black birds. There are not near as many black birds as there are robing.

STUMPED CACHE. : I almost did not find this cache ( DNF ) I walked all over this area in yet another small park, the hint was Don't be stumped. Well I did not walk all around this group of palm trees while we were looking (me n maggie) and I could not find it. So I put maggie in the truck and thought I would do one more look around. I went around the trees and there was the stump, easy after that ! Another nice little park I would never have seen if not for geocaching, it was right along the Indian River.


WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Sunny, windy, in the 70's Beautiful
All in all it was a great day. Nice weather just right , sunny and breezy. Did laundry, went to gym, took 30 min morning walk with maggie, watched birds, cleaned kitchen and scrubbed floor, watched more birds. Maggie was outside a lot today so she was happy.
That fire is still burning, still only 25% contained and they had I-95 closed on and off all day.
Guess that's all for now thanks for looking come back soon!

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  1. Those are all male brown-headed cowbirds at the watering trough. If I were a robin, I wouldn't like them either. :)