Tuesday, March 1, 2011


PEOPLE WAITING ON BRIDGE (click to see the peeps)





But we had rain today in the 70's. Good we had rain there was a brush fire all day yesterday and last nite, burned over 10,000 acres, the rain help the firemen. Closed down I-95 for some time.
I have not blogged for awhile , brother was here for a week. Was busy with him. He went the Daytona 500. While he did that I did some geocaching with new friends met more cachers also.
We went fishing in the ocean, out to eat, shopping, sight seeing, out to eat, etc etc. Had a great time, I miss my family up north and was glad to see him.
Today I worked on planting a couple things in a small garden. Went out yesterday and got what I thought was to zucchini plants, after I got them planted I picked up the little tags that come with them and one was a cuke plant. Oh well I will make a trellis to let it climb on. I also got a few more herbs to put in my herb garden I will take some pic's and show ya.
The last few days the robins have been stopping over on their way back up north. They stop here and eat the little blue berries that are on the palm trees in Feb. Well they usually come the first of Feb. not this late, and now the berries are gone. I worry that they will not make it back north. Judy if you are reading this , do you know if they will make it ok? They are flying from tree to tree and nothing to eat, there are hundreds and hundreds of them.
I did not go to the gym the whole time company was here, just started back Monday, almost like starting all over , but today was much better.
The cache of the day is one we found a couple weeks ago. It was hiding behind that tree. Pretty easy one. We went out on Sunday caching and I think I got some poison ivy on my lower legs. I did not ware long pants, I forgot, you can bet I will not be forgetting again! I have a lot of cache's back logged, I guess I need to get blogging more.
I have the news on right now and they said that the fire was only 25 % contained, it jumped I-95 and was stopped somewhat by the ocean, but it is windy and the winds are expected to change tonite coming from the east and they are afraid it will come back inland.What a mess ,this is about 1 hr north of us, up where we watched the shuttle launch. Aaahhhh the shuttle, I had a great time watching it.
Tons of people all over, we looked up some parks, found one not far away, and took off at 10 am.
Well it was not soon enough, we just lucked out and found a parking spot at the edge of the park. We took food, and books to read, some people took their ezy up tents, had BBQ's going, almost like tail gating. The launch its self was awesome, too bad it is coming to an end. For the people that work there and for our country. Being at the edge of the park and right next to the road, some kind person let us out on the main road, and Mrs Garmin -Geea the GPS led us down a couple back streets to I-95 and we were out of there and on 95 in about 10 min. I could not believe it considering how many people there were.
Speaking of the shuttle, (to family & friends that think I'm nuts) did you know there is a geocache on the Space Station? There are several astronauts that are geocacher's. Now how cool is that? It was taken up there a couple years ago. The flight surgeon (cant think of his name) on this last Discovery flight is a cacher, and there was an article in the paper about it. There are tons of articles about the space flights. The cache that is up there now is hoping by the cache owner that it comes back to earth and to his front door someday. He is not there now, and most likely will not go back.
Happy birthday to my sister today.
That's all for now thanks for stopping by and come back soon

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  1. The robins will do just fine. They eat a wide variety of things. :)