Thursday, September 16, 2010



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Thought I would show you the finished product. We got 35 pts out of two batches. Brother is going to pick more tomatoes tonite and we will make sauce again on Sunday. I don't mind canning or cooking for that matter, I kind of enjoy it as long as I'm not rushed. When I was married about a 100 ys ago we did tons of canning. One year we had sooooo...many tomatoes we even made ketchup!

Yesterday I worked on packing and purging. I got alot done, with all the paper, computer desk, and other desk area. Computer desk is now clean and empty. The other desk is clean and mostly empty, the only things left in drawers are paper work I need to take with me. My truck will hold 10 large totes, stacked two high and that is about all. I all ready have that many and a few more packed, that does not include my clothes and such. I have a few pieces of furniture I want to take and have no idea how i will get it to Fl.

I think I am pretty much done for this year. As I look back on all the things we got accomplished this past year, starting last fall to this fall, we did a lot. Most of it was done this summer as I spent the winter in Fl as you know :)
1. Scraped, primed and painted the whole outside of house.
2. Rehabed the garage. New roof also. This was a lot of work took more time and money than first thought.
3. Cleaned out basement, this was major undertaking there was only a path to the washer and that was it!!
4. Scraped and put dryloc on the walls and floor in basement. Painted the floor also. I only have about 1/2 hr. of work left in basement.
5. Cleaned out shed, yard sale alot of it and took to flea market to sell
6. Painted trim & vanity in bathroom and took up the rug. Needs flooring now.
7. Power washed the porch and stained it.
8. Had 3 yard sales. I did not get to do the tag sale thing this year, but it will be done next spring/summer. Having a yard sale is not easy by any means!
I am sure there was more, like the packing and purging, guess we got alot done when you
list it all. And a BIG thanks to my Son for all the help and work he did, I could not have done it
alone, THANKS SON!! :) (not that he reads my blog )
The cache of the day we found the other day, It is a new series of GRF ( Guard Rail Fun) caches that someone is doing. Just right for grammynmaggie, as I am not to sure how safe it is for old lady and a dog to be traipsing around in the woods alone. LOL
All for now, thanks for stopping by

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  1. I used to enjoy canning as well. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to look at all the shelves full of good food! :)