Monday, September 20, 2010





THE CAMO PILL BOTTLE CACHE WEATHER: Temp 65 and sunny nice fall like day.
Today was so nice out that we went for a ride to get Maggie some dog food. I have to go out of town to a pet store to get it. Went to Lowe's to get some more Dry Loc. We also picked up a cache along the way. The cache was along a four lane highway. The DOT put in these "jug handles" to help make crossing the highway safer. The jury is still out on this. When viewed from above, these do look like jug handles. This is where the cache was hid. Easy find. I like these kind of finds I call them " old lady hides.
Came home did some more packing and cleaning up, put some stuff away in the spare bedrooms to take care of next spring. Did some outside work also, put lawn furniture in the shed and stuff like that. Still have more to do, did not get the stuff on the porch. I think we still have some sitting time out there before it gets to cold.
The first pic is the last flea marked I did. It will be the last one of the season. I had everything for $1.00 or less and still didn't make very much. Not alot of peeps there. If you click on the pic it gets bigger and you can see Maggie looking out the truck window. Sweet little thing!
The second pic is of peeps set up on my left, they had tye dye shirts, hats, baby things, anything you could think of to dye. And man were the busy. I guess the tye dye is coming back, they sold a lot of it.
The third pic is of guy beside me, I was talking to him and a butterfly came and landed on his hat. He told me that this has been happening to him all summer, no matter where he is. It stayed on the had for about an hr. Cool.
All for now thanks for stopping by.

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